How I wish…

That I could fix what’s wrong…


With a swish of my magic wand.

Alas, that’s not possible. I have no magic wand.

A girl can dream though. Maybe, just maybe, things will come right.


Have to help the eldest with his car tonight. Have to tow it to my BiL’s house. I’m not sure if the BiL is going to do the fixing, or if he will take it to somebody that will fix it, but yes. I get to do something tonight that’s usually the man’s job. As per usual.

Ex phones me today – moaning about the youngest. I don’t know what to do with the child myself – I’m now just leaving him to screw up or succeed as he will. Not much you can do with a 20year old. He knows everything.

Sleeping on the couch again tonight. Did so last night because I was not in the mood to put new linen on the bed. Must say, as comfy as the big bed is, the couch was much warmer! Not as much space to heat up with the hot water bottle I used. When I woke up this morning, as per usual, I could not move my legs – covered with cats!

That’s after the eldest woke me at 3 am because he had to kill a monster of a spider in the bathroom of his bedsit, and he felt bad about it. So, I did my motherly duties and called it self defence 😉

I finished a lovely, fluffy little clutch bag this morning. Plan is to line it with something slinky and black, put a shiny button on and call it an evening clutch. DOn’t know if people still use such things, and if they do, I have no idea if they will buy mine, but hey. If they don’t like it, I can always just unravel it and make something else with it.

Got hold of a website today that sells crafty items made by South Africans, in South Africa. Looked at the knitting section, not too much there, so maybe, if I load my things on there, I might sell it there, and so not have to wait for a monthly market.

I don’t know.

Maybe I’m deluding myself into thinking that I can make a go of this. After all, when an economy is folding, the way ours seems to be, people don’t buy luxuries anymore. They keep their money for the essensials like food and petrol. And not waste it on silly scarves and cute clutch purses. Still. I have to give it a try. Only once I’ve done that can I say what will happen next.

As with everything, only time will tell where this story is headed.

Long days and pleasant nights.




9 comments on “How I wish…

  1. oo can i phone at 3am too when i need to kill a crawly like that!
    the bag sounds lovely. would love to see some of the stuff that you have made!

  2. Build yourself a website on Yola it’s free or start another blog dedicated to advertise and show what you make. Hook up a facebook page and twitter for your business. You will be surprised at the strength of the electronic media. Word will get out pretty fast when friends send to friends etc. Pictures and prices innovatively displayed is all you need the flight a video of your stuff on you tube, gumtree and ebay etc.

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