That time again.

Been a while since I posted anything, anywhere.

Taking today to do things around the house – washing has piled up, dishes has piled up, and I might even do the floors today πŸ˜‰

Of course I’m trying to do everything at once, so while the laundry is in the machine, I’m watering the garden piece by piece with the spray attachment. Only problem with that is, I use the hose for the washing machine as well, because it’s outside. So now, everytime I have to put water in for the next load, I first have to close the tap, get the hose from the front garden, run the water for the load of laundry and then put the hose back – not as time efficient as it can be, but at least 2 things are being done at the same time. and I can do with the exercise!!

The Porra just got back from Mauritiaus. Brought me 2 tins with tea leaves in them, and a magnet for my fridge. In a while he’ll be going to Prague – I’ve ordered something old from there. Don’t want something you can get in any curio shop. Eastern Europe is a magical place, one I’d love to visit one day, so, if I can’t get there myself, yet, I can at least have something ancient in my house to remember his trip by πŸ˜‰

The knitting is going well. Finished a monster of a cable scarf on Saturday – was a mission to knit, but it looks lovely – well worth the effort! I even managed to cut 6 bags from the denim cloth I had on hand – now just to get them put together. Think that will be a major mission, but I think people would go for it – it’s the kind of thing I would buy – have always been a sucker for a cool bag of any kind. Strangely enough, never the high fashion ones – I won’t know the difference between the lot if it hit me in the face!! And it never really worried me who made the bags – if I like the look of it, and it fits in my price range, I’ll buy it, otherwise, not so much.

Eventually got the car registration sorted out. Went to a different place, and they had way less issues than the other spot I went to. Hopefully I will have the new registrations tomorrow, if nothing untoward happens. The way my life is going now, I suppose I must just hope for the best and expect the worst πŸ˜‰

All in all, things are quiet on the Western Front – no new problems or issues, and that, at least, is something to be grateful for. I have food to eat, coffee to drink, animals that keep me company – now, all I need is a job and an income. Then life will be just grand!

Long days and pleasant nights…


10 comments on “That time again.

  1. Well done on all the knitting and sewing. You’ll soon have a stall full of goodies to sell. Your Porra certainly gets around, doesn’t he. Glad you’re still seeing one another. He must really like you. πŸ˜‰ xxx

    • You’ve got that right Sar!!
      A friend of mine gave me the url of a site that sells crafts – maybe I can get my stuff on there too – hopefully I’ll be able to get some kind of cottage industry going one way or the other…

  2. have you tried the tea, is it something exotic? You sound so much more positive now your bags are filling your time. Post photos as you finish some.

    • Black tea and vanilla tea. Quite tasty πŸ˜‰
      The knitting does keep me quite busy, just hope people would buy what I’ve got to sell…
      Well, time will tell πŸ˜‰

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