Thought, maybe…

…it was time for a post.

Saw something funny last night. Since it’s avo season here now, my son brough home a bunch of avo’s, that’s obviously all ripening at the same time. Made toast and avo last night – and had a cat screaming after the avo!! Have you ever! That’s the black one – and he ate every bit of avo I gave him. The white one drinks all my tea… Go figure. Wierd cats I’ve got. At least they keep me warm at night πŸ˜‰

Been busy knitting. As I have been since Thursday. Have quite a few things mostly finished so far. Have to dampen and pin the scarves so they lie nice and flat and don’t curl up at the edges, and work in the stray bits of yarn that seems to accumulate ;-).

The bags need sewing and strap completing, and I think I will line the insides with cloth that I have here – otherwise the knitting will stretch, rendering the bag mostly unsightly, if not completely unusable. Think I will leave the sewing for when I have all the bags done. Got quite a few nice patterns – hope I can put them to good use with the yarn I have available to me at the moment.

So, as promised, pictures of the items I have on hand now…

Β  This will turn into a bag in the near future. Busy with the belt and straps.

Β This does kind of look like a cat’s tail πŸ˜‰ Done for the most part. Almost 600 rows in this one…

Β Also to turn into a bag. Straps done, and the lining material already picked. Will have something that looks like frayed edges on the front of the bag once done.

Β Scarf done, just need pinning and straightening. And of course the stray bits worked in.

Hope you can see the cable in this one – what a mission!! This one really needs pinning – curling like nobody’s business!!

I have quite a few more patterns and ideas. Thought of knitting diagonal place mats. Might even make some kind of pillow covers or something.

No other news. Life is still just running. Not quite on an even keel, but not quite as stormy as it could be.

Long days and pleasant nights…


21 comments on “Thought, maybe…

  1. I remember foot loose saying that the dogs there are crazy about avos. I had avo and Marmite on toast for lunch. πŸ˜‰ You’ve certainly been very busy with those knitting needles. Kudos to you for persistence and effort. xxx

    • They eat avo and drink tea? Out of the cup?
      And you should see what it looks like when I eat – they surround me on all levels, watching the food from the plate to my mouth – it’s disconcerting to say the least!!

    • Oh boy!!!
      Avo is short for avocado. The fruit? Green and yellow with a big pip? Know it now?
      And Marmite is similar to OXO or Bovril. Kind of like a salty tangy extract used for spreading on bread.
      I have no idea if this explains it to you – don’t even know if America has something similar…
      Hope you’re not confused anymore πŸ˜‰ And that the holiday is progressing lazily!

  2. avo’s yummy! but why do they always ripen all at the same time. Bit like bananas. I think it is a conspiracy. Love your knitting, the bags will look great. Have you thought what market you are going to go to?

    • There’s a new market at the Voortrekker monument. I’ll start there – not too expensive to get a table, and I have to try and keep my overheads as low as I can for the beginning.
      Once I’ve finished them, I will post pics again πŸ˜‰

    • I’ve hardly moved from my chair Tess πŸ˜‰
      Just finished a monster of a cable scarf on Saturday!!
      Taking today to do things around the house and try to catch up with everything I’ve missed on here…

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