Meet my son…

…the shitmagnet.


If there’s a shithead within a 100m radius of him, he will make friends with said shithead.

Shithead wil then follow him home like a lost puppy and I then have to deal with it.

And since my heart is softer than a bloody baby blanket, it’s kind of a mission because, even though I can see they’re shitheads, I can hear they’re talking rubbish, I still feel sorry for them. Do all people deserve to be felt sorry for? Or is there some people that deserves no more mercy or help? Who am I to judge what they are and what they’ve done? Would I not want somebody else to do me the same mercy as I sometimes do to others?

I usually avoid people that will need my help. I can spot them from a mile away, and run circles around them – because I know how it will end up for me. They will take what they can get and, when I’m sucked dry, they leave, never to be seen or heard from ever again.

Reason for this rantlet is the following…

Yesterday morning, somebody stands at the gate. I don’t recognise the motorbike, and the person is standing at the gate with his helmet still on. And I did not have my glasses on, which makes things a bit blurry. He asks for the kid. Send the kid out, he comes back with a kid that we have not seen in a good few years.

Middle child, with a flaky mom – he ran away from home a few times. To mine. I was glad at the time that he did have a place to go, but I never really got involved in the whole situation – I would speak to the kid and the mom, I will look after him when she could not, but the rest – their problem.

So the boy is sitting here, and later on, leaves with the kid. Last night, I got into a well deserved, hot bath, and the dogs start making a racket. It’s the long lost friend. At my house. At 10 pm. Bath interrupted, relaxation screwed. He needs a place to sleep. Can’t get into the house he’s staying in, can’t get into the mom’s house – don’t know how much to believeΒ – people like that tend to tell you what they think you want to hear. Paint the honey around the mouth and you can bullshit everybody, not so? I’m allergic to bullshit. And I remember things very well – so be careful what you lie about – I will probably remember it and use it in my opinionforming process.

Of course the kid tells me I should tell this person to just go away. Not give him a place to sleep in.

End of the story, the kid slept here last night. I locked my study door when I did eventually go to bed at 3am – don’t know what this kid does, or how he does it, and I’m sort of in a downward spiral in the life cycle at the moment – no need to take chances, and most days, trust is repaid by lies.

What sort of gets me are parents who let their problem kids become other people’s problems. He’s your creation. Your upbringing has moulded him, he will always be your responsibility. And it’s not fair to pawn your troubles off on other people.

But hey. The kid slept here last night, I woke up this morning and eveything is seemingly still in place – so all’s well.

As for the rest of my life.

I still have no jobs lined up. have at least paid everything that I could so I will have power for the rest of the month and a phone connection, but not much else. Have to go to UIF again at the end of June, but at least, by then, one of the accounts I still have to pay will be done, and thenΒ I can clean off another one as well. Less things to pay, more money to go into the bond so my house stays mine.

Sister got hold of a farmer’s market pamphlet. We’re hoping to participate in the one being held at the beginning of July. So, I’ve been going through my wool and projects, downloading patterns, and have been knitting like a demon fro the past 2 days. Had no real financial outlay – had all the stuff here, and there’s more than enough of it to make quite a few nifty things. What I’m going to charge for it, I have no idea – people don’t want to pay the price for handcrafted goods. They can get it much cheaper in the shops, and that’s why I’m making things you will not really find mass produced. Scarves with cables on them, cute bags, decorated pencil cases. Even thinking of making denim backpacks. Hopefully people can buy at least enough to give me some kind of profit to get more yarn and material, and, if I continue to knit like a demon, maybe I’ll manage to get some kind of clientele going.

That’s why I have not been spending the whole day online anymore. Priorities have been adjusted, and frankly, since my life is one boring day after another, there’s really not that much to write about anyway πŸ˜‰

Do hope the weekend is treating you well, and spare a though for poor me. Aching shoulders, tender arms, stiff fingers… Knitting’s not for sissies!!!

16 comments on “Meet my son…

  1. Good luck with the knitting and the market ghiatji, maybe when things start looking up again you could get some furniture pieces, like the chest of drawers you blogged recently, revamp them and sell at the at the market too?

  2. I wondered where you’d disappeared to, and now I know. Hope your knitting project goes well. It’s the right time of year for selling warm scarves etc. Good luck. I agree with you about other people’s kids being their problem, not yours. Be careful not to encourage him to make a habit of it. xxx

    • Told the kid, never again – he’s not been back since, so I’m hoping I won’t have to deal with this again!
      As for the knitting, well, I’m trying for bags as well – it’s quite warm up here in P town – but I hope they will buy the stuff because it’s all one of a kind…

  3. I know what you mean about other people’s kids and their problems. I have a hard time saying no and have mostly been lucky but have also been bit in the butt.

    Yes, knitting is not for sissies. What a fabulous way of putting it. I know about the arms and shoulders. I also get a stiff neck. Lots of luck with this endeavour.

    • At the moment, if I move my one arm to far out of the knitting position, it protests πŸ˜‰
      I’ve counted – since Thrusday I’ve unravelled 5 full sweaters, and knitted close to 1000 rows…HOpefully I’ll be able to sell my hard work and sore back for a bit more than minimum wage!!

  4. Glad you’re being extra careful with strays in the house…you just never know and although your son sounds sweet as all get out, he needs to be more selective. I have this same problem with the hubby. His “friends” are all needy mugs. It’s kinda sad and I tell my hubby he enables this behavior because it makes him feel good. Find another way to feel good…hahaha, jk, it’s nice of him but we’ve worked on keeping it from home and kids. There’s always a chance something could go terribly wrong…one bad psycho and you’re done for…so please continue being very careful. And many, many great wishes for good business at the market and for other prosperous endeavors!! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the good wishes – I can use all those I can get!!
      As for the strays, I’ve had 2 months of squatting – kid ate everything in the house, racked up a utility bill that killed my budget, my kid was completely untenable – never again!!
      And that’s actually sad, trying to differentiate between the users and the plain down and out is not always easy – and the latter really does only need a little help.
      Hopefully I will have the wisdom to see which is which, and help where it’s needed.

  5. Hmmm, I’ve had a few of those kids hang out at my house at times. Not a good thing to deal with, but you kind off feel you have to help. Best of luck with the knitting etc. πŸ™‚

    • I always wonder why the parents of those kids don’t seem to care or worry about where they are…
      I mean, I would never lock MY kid out of the house!! They both have their own sets of keys to get in here, anytime.
      As for the knitting, I’ll probably do some pics later today – even if nobody buys anything, I can always say I’ve kept busy πŸ˜‰

  6. Those denim backpacks sounds like something I would want to buy. Maybe you can start and online ordering business as well πŸ™‚

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