The Spear…



It seems the painting is no more.

Some poor fellows are now languishing in jail because they defaced the painting earlier today.

So much ado about so little!

Listening to the news just now though, it would seem  that Africans regard the Prez in a somewhat different light than Europeans do. One person calld JZ the head of the family. I’m sorry. JZ’s not the head of anything that I can respect. And certainly not the head of my particular family. Dickhead maybe, but not a person I’m comfortable calling the boss. But Africans don’t see it that way. They see him as the absolute power. The big guy, the head honcho. I do suppose that if I could trust him, maybe I would have felt the same about him.

Way back when, when Clinton was in the news about the “Incident” with Mz Lewinsky, I applauded the American populace for getting rid of a statesman that was not a good example. What about the Watergate thing? That was huge. And the Prez of that time did not make it through.

In our government though, it’s the complete opposite. Most of the current members of parliament has prison records – granted for treason and maybe not outright murder, but that does not mean they did not murder before they were brough to book by the previous government. We have daily cases of utter corruption, with news ranging from government officials using taxpayer’s money to go on lyxury trips, called Travelgate, and police chiefs guilty of coercion and bribary as well as turning a blind eye to murders and such like.

Thing with JZ is though. He’s representative of the African portion of the country. Only the latest in a string of presidents, neither of which has really done the country any good. I think he might have caused the most damage because he seems to be lead by his subordinates – which gives him time to play around even more than he already is.

I don’t know if I would have reacted the same way if the picture was of Pres Vorster. Can’t really remember him, but I have to say, looking at him, he does not strike me as a man that would have played around and made himself vulnerable to this kind of thing. Then again, the government of the day would have squashed something like that completely – before it even became public knowledge. In which case this government might be marginally better in that regard.

Thing is, to my way of thinking. If you’re a head of state, your morals should be completely above reproach. You, being in the public eye, are really not allowed to have peccadelloes. You have to be the one everybody can look up to.

If you’re not, you deserve whatever comes your way. And you should accept it as a measurement of how you weigh up in the public eye. It does not mean that because you’re the Prez you can do whatever the heck you like. If anything, it means you can do even less than you did before becoming president.

I wonder when this furore is going to die down – if it ever will.

Still, it has certainly shaken things up. Sort of gotten everybody out of their complacency.

There is an elephant in the room. It’s called JZ. And it needs to be brought to book, and made to account for it’s actions – one way or the other.

As always, just my personal opinion…


7 comments on “The Spear…

  1. I still don’t find any reference anywhere that the artist specifically stated that the painting was indeed Zuma. To me it looks a lot like Vavi. With a little bit of imagination, it can even be FW de Klerk. What a storm in a teacup! 😈

  2. I’d score the painting rather low for art, minus ten on tastefulness, ninety-plus percent on satire, but minus several hundred for the timing of something that sensitive. Of course it was going to be taken as racist!

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