There I was, fast asleep, dreaming of Hugh Jackman singing to me…

Phone rings.

Vodacom’s customer service.

Wanting to know if my son could be listed as a third party on the account.

Sure, I say, by all means.

REason being that the Vodacom account belongs to my son – I just did the application and the money gets deducted from my account every month.

And since last month was a slight abortion in the money department, I had to pay the Vodacom account via EFT.

They have subsequently stopped the kid’s account, because they insist on having R85 for the debit order that was returned. A debit order that was never presented to my account in the first place, but they want to be re-imbursed for that.

Can you tell me why this would be the case?

Never in my long and chequered life of returned debit orders have I ever been held liable by the company in question when a debit order was returned, unpaid. As long as you pay the amount they wanted to deduct in the first place, bringing the account up to date, everything is fine. So who the hell gives Vodacom the right to expect me to pay for a returned debit order? And where, exactly do they think I’m supposed to get money for this?

It is now a matter of principle. I have now told 3 seperate people that I absolutely refuse to pay any extra money on this account. It’s bad enough that I have to bear the expence in my own account if a debit order is returned, now I have to pay extra for them?  And, if they don’t get it up and running soon, I will refuse to pay the account, period. Not in the habit of paying for services not rendered!

This then the latest saga in the ubearable mess that’s my life… Of course now the kid is mad at me because his is the only phone that’s not working. Yet another thing I have to carry.

Never fear.

All will be fine again. One day. I think!



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