Good laugh…


Remember the post I did on apartheid?

Using FW de Klerk’s CNN interview as a basis.

Of course, he’s issued an apology or a retraction or some such. It just would not do to have an opinion that other people don’t like. What’s the use of having an opinion then? And if you know people are not going to like it, might be best to keep quiet – I’ve had to learn that lesson the hard way. Speaking of which, maybe I should not even post this particular blog. That being said though, it’s not really meant to insult, more of a toungue in cheek babble about the crap that we deal with every day if you bother to read the news that is…


Here’s the article about the retraction.

What follows is some of the comments made to the article.

There were a few more, much on the same vein as these comments, only quite a bit shorter.

The first one does not really make much sense. The gist is very much what we’ve come to expect when you put the two sides of this particular coin up against one another. I’m finding it difficult to take a person like this serious though. But hey, he has the right to his opinion. Same as anybody else. Fact that I can get a good chuckle out of it is completely besides the point. And probably morally wrong of me. Then again. I’ve never proclaimed to be a good person.

Mcebisi Mvikweni

you were ant-democratic popularists. it is not suprising to share those comments in his interview, but separate davelopments in pleople of south africa that is what the majority of white is willing to archeive.when this white people deliever their own notion to the social media it is allways precisely the fact of disgusting the black man.even if they can give to the black person to lead as a president i tell they run as if they are the idiot srcemming like a foul without parent.This type of a sour method of badmouthing black as it was they culture sshould stop now if they declare something on a sleeply manner i suggest to thing think otherwise cause they will never.Like statement of DA leader but after they say it was misinterpretation as he is imitating his white colleagues.

The second one makes slightly more sense. Tells me I should use my time to go look for my origins.

Well, I was born in Johannesburg. So was my mom. So was my dad. Think my grandparents was born in Zeerust, since the town was founded by my great-grandfather, Diederik Coetzee.

Also a majorly tender point with the Arse, since he wants all white people criminilised because we stole the country from black people. Be that as it may though, he is also entirely entitled to his own opinion – stupid though it may be.

Are my origins then gold and ?

I do think, from my mother’s side I might have some French Hugenot’s blood, and from my father’s side, in all likelihood, German Jew. Which of those countries do you think will give me claim to an ancestral passport so I can go back to my origins? Which one do I choose though? Can speak neither French, nor German, nor Russian. Don’t think I’d do very well in the climate they have there – way too used to glorious sunshine. I even have to say that the rules imposed on the citizens of those countries might chafe a little. Rules are not something many Africans, myself included, pay much attention to. And much as I would like things to work, the fact that they don’t always work to optimum capacity lets me fall through the cracks where I can disappear, and not be bothered.

Where does that leave me then? Am I homeless? Countryless? Am I to become a wandering person because no country wants more immigrants, and my own country does not want me either? How is that supposed to make me feel? My money was good enough when I still payed taxes. It was good enough when I employed people to work for me. It’s good enough every time I have to pay my electricity bill, R12 per litre of petrol, R25 for a box of smokes. 

When Zimbabwe started with their de-colonilisation, almost all the whities in Zim moved down to SA. This is unfortunately as far down as you can go before ending in the ocean. Am I to go and live on a ship then? Doomed to sail the seven seas until the stupid people in this stupid government can get their act together and stop seeing me as the enemy? Where do they want me to go? Are the African Americans all going to come back to Africa? I doubt that seriously! They might come for a visit to their roots, but they’ll go back to America – because that’s what they are. American. They may be black Americans, but they’re not Africans either.

So sure, I’m a whitey. I’m not an American, nor a Frenchman, nor a German though. I’m a South African. I was born here, same as most of the people living here now. I was not imported from somewhere else. Why can’t this be my country just as much as it is the black people’s country?


The day you all minority living in SA will know that this is black nation and Africa the better for you all.There is no European State in African soil.Get it clear to your ugly skull.African states and countries belongs to African and to be precise Blacks.Keep deceiving yourselves.Its high time you use your time and search your true origin.
I do realise that I may be too serious in my posts lately. Truth of the matter is, I’m being inundated by all the bad press in this country at the moment, and not much to take my attention off it. All I have to keep me company during the day is my e mails, and the radio – both of which has news plastered all over it. I’ll try for a lighter post tomorrow or so – if I can find something to be light about. In the meantime, please bear with me – hopefully not for too much longer. 

11 comments on “Good laugh…

  1. Albeit that we see more black racism in the comments than white racism I must say sometimes I think I should skip the news item and stick to the comments as it is not so doomy and gloomy, but gives one a good laugh.

    • Do you think it’s wrong of me to laugh at their comments H? Or should I rather pik away a tear and feel sorry for them?
      Think I’ll laugh – much better for my mental health than crying 😉

    • Don’t think that excuse will fly much longer Sidey.
      Maybe time should be here already where everybody realise – we’re in it together, none of us really have a choice, to just suck it up and move forward instead of ALWAYS blaming the previous regime!!
      And, I do think, the ones making the comments were not even part of the opression…

      • It will take at least a generation. The Dutch still are suspicions of Germans, and that’s more than a generation for a highly educated nation

  2. Some of those comments are laughable, 68. Occasionally, I go and have a look, and just shake my head in disbelief at the way we South Africans love to have a go at one another. 😉

    • It is quite funny AD 😉
      I did have a good laugh at them yesterday!
      Wanted to say something myself a few times, but then I thought of the adage – never argue with fools. They bring you down to their level, and then beat you with experience. Really not worth the effort 😉

  3. It’s a human thing. We have as much ancestral rights here as they do – the whites arrived from the sea, only ~100 years after the blacks arrived from the north, this is sort-of historical fact and they haven’t finished editing it out yet. The original population of this country was the bushman and the Hottentot, Hottentot were merged with the Cape Malay and the Bushman which were everywhere including dry regions like the highveld, were systematically murdered out, by black and white in happy cooperation. The true traditional owners of South Africa are the bushmen.

    68ghia, I really hope your situation improves soon. In your position I’d start some or other entrepreneurial venture – make tie-died clothes to sell on flea markets or something, anything, because sitting and waiting kills the soul. (*you could of course get yourself a copy of each of our ebooks and read them, 😉 *)(*sorry that was entrepreneurial of me! LOL)

  4. Wonder if they know that history? I did not. Thanks K.
    As for the entrepeneurial thing – I’ve been thinking of what can be made by me that people would actually want to buy. Don’t know what. People don’t have money to waste on stuff anymore.

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