Wednesday's whack…

Hey folks.

Apparently the move is threatening to happen. Don’t think I’ll move just yet – my blog is on women24, and I have not come across that name in all the update e mails.

So I’ll see what happens when that happens.

I’ve been very active on WP for quite some time now, so if you want to follow that blog –

Only thing I have not done on WP, was to personalise it at all.

Seem to have a major block when it comes to the widgets and blogroll and so on. Suppose I’ll have to sit down and fiddle with it, get all my stuff moved over – if I want it to…

I sent off another e mail to the job I apllied for on Friday. With yet another begging e mail to state my case. Now I can only hope they’ve even received the mail, and might be opening it to see my plea. Such a humiliating exercise to jobhunt. Standing with your hat in hand, begging. Sure, not at the side of the road, but still. But hey, if it gets me a job, I’m not complaining! Not too much in any case!

At least the kid managed to find something to keep huimself busy with during the day. Working at a liquour store. Probably not the best job on earth, but it’s a job, and he’ll have some cash at the end of the month, and that’s nothing to be sneezed at.

Porra’s going to Mauritius at the end of the month on business. Such a hard life, but I suppose somebody has to do it!! I’ll have to google to see what I can ask him to bring back for me from there 😉

And then lastly. It’s the eldest’s birthday today. 23 years old. He’s growing up and I’m growing older. Each year they advance I stand surprised at how quick it seems to have gone. From being a little baby, to a toddler, to school, to varsity and now – he’s big. He’s an adult. And I’m sort of left behind…

Oh well.

Happy b day my boy!I wish you well…

Sign Posted at Golf Club in Scotland 

Here is an actual sign posted at a golf club in Scotland UK:

1. Back Straight, Knees Bent, Feet Shoulder Width Apart.

2. Form A Loose Grip.

3. Keep Your Head Down!

4. Avoid A Quick Back Swing.

5. Stay Out Of The Water.

6. Try Not To Hit Anyone.

7. If You Are Taking Too Long, Let Others Go Ahead Of You.

8. Don’t Stand Directly In Front Of  Others.

9. Quiet Please…While Others Are Preparing.

10. Don’t Take Extra Strokes.

Well Done. Now, Flush The Urinal, Go Outside, And Tee Off.


4 comments on “Wednesday's whack…

  1. Happy birthday to your son. The older they get, the older we feel. 😉 Good luck with that job application. xxx

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