A touchy subject…

…this racism thing.

It’s so easy to label somebody a racist.

Am I a racist for not liking the direction China is taking in Africa? The fact that they swarm and take over everything, very easily, and very insiduously?

Am I a racist for screaming at a taxi pushing ahead of me, with no regard for my or his passenger’s safety?

Am I a racist for cursing some stupid female that seems to be looking for parking while she should in reality be driving at at least 100km’s per hour?

Am I a racist for thinking that the current government we have leaves much to be desired in their delivery of governmenty things?

A while ago some stupid blonde tweeted the K word. Oh No!!! Not that!!! How dare she! The whole world is up in arms and the racism debate is blown out of all proportions – again.

Today though, I came across this blog.

And what I read in there is enough to make me very afraid.

Since, it would seem, that racists are indeed not only white people – as the rest of the world seems to think. And what makes it even worse is the fact that the racism in question is directed at their own people, albeit people that thinks differently to the great unwashed. And, worse still, it’s not uneducated people making the comments.

Do I say those things to white members of the ANC? No, I don’t. If they can’t see what’s happening right in front of their eyes, that’s really their problem.

I do think the pom sitting on Cosatu’s council leaves much to be desired – I mean, a man of his advanced years advocating socialism? I can show you where HIS money is! Because I’m sure he’s not advocating Socialism because he thinks it’s just and right. He’s advocating it because there’s lots and lots of money to be made should he reach his ideals…

But back to the whole racism debacle.

As the writer of that blog rightly said – any hint of racism geared towards black people by whities, and the whole country is up in arms. But when it’s directed at whities by blacks? Not a word is spoken. How often have we heard, “Shoot the Boer, shoot the Farmer. Traditionally farmers are whities. Basically still are because the land reform has not quite gone according to plan. And I don’t think speaking English rather than Afrikaans makes you exempt from being labelled a “Boer”. The fact that you’re white would be the only common denominator. And how long did it take the Solidarity people to get the fat arse from singing it? Yet, if old Steve says anything untoward, he is condemned by his people more so than by the people it’s directed agianst.

Why is that?

Is it because we don’t really care so much about the rhethoric and just want to get on with making this country, if not as great as it once was, at least working?

Personally, I don’t care what I’m called. I really don’t see the need to feel guilty for being the colour I am. Can’t see why I should apologise for the way I was born.

What does scare me though is the fact that what people speak about often, usually goes over in deeds.

If they spout vitriol against me and people that think like me – regardless of it they’re black or white – for long enough, where will it end?

And then, the biggest racist of them all, Juliarse Malema, saying that he will lead the ANC?

Now if that does not scare the living shit out of you, you’ve surely not eaten for days!!

I’m not really a political person. More often than not I get so angry at the crap they spout, I just ignore it. Unfortunately, since I’m home now more often than not – a direct result of the worthless government we have – I have a bit more time to read about all things. Not that this is the only country that this is happening, not by a long shot.

What happens in America or Greece or England does not have as big an effect on me as what happens right here in my own country though. Not immediately in any case – I’m sure the shit that happens in the rest of the world will eventually spill down to reach us. Not that I can fix anything here. I can’t change the way people think. If I, myself, can’t be at least a bit more tolerable towards others, why should they be that way with me?  I’m not involved in the political arena at all.

All I really want is the chance to live a half way decent life, without fear of becoming the recipient of the many gunshots I hear in the early hours of the morning when many others are sleeping and I’m wide awake, worrying. The chance to not have to apologise for who and what I am, the chance to serve my country in the only way I really can – pay my taxes, support small businesses and employ somebody to work in my garden and in my house.


Just my opinion.

Long days and pleasant nights.


12 comments on “A touchy subject…

  1. I thought we had it bad until I hear you. Maybe it’s because I’m tired today, but I think we’re all going bust one way or another. What kind of a world will be here for our grandchildren?

    • I thought we were the only ones struggling with this, until I started reading blogs from all over the world.
      Now I see it’s a global thing.
      My own children are already suffering from this, as am I, so I really don’t know where it will end…

  2. We do what we can, 68. It is all very frustrating though. Please, not Julius for president. That would really put the ‘kybosh’ on any good that might have been achieved so far, which is precious little anyway.

    • Can you imagine that utter chaos AD?
      It’s the scariest thing he has uttered in a long time!!
      As for good achieved – it seems less than they would have us believe it is…

  3. Read the other blog you pointed to. Amazing! I had no idea poor Lindiwe was catching such a lot of hate! It’s really high time that some justice prevails over the twitterverse.

    • And that’s really the thing. Nobody knows about this because it’s not in the media unless you specifically go and look for it.

      • Significantly that blog post has a total of 3 comments, one of which being the author.

      • He’s got a lot of followers though. But the people reading it, will most likely not create ay kind of hoopla about it – our downfall I think, accepting everything as is, and just moving on, getting things done…

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