Ghia does…

…trailer trash!


Watched Jerry Springer last night.

Time for a late night smoke and a glass of water, on the TV came, and then the horror started.

A baby chick, breaking up with her boyfriend. Sad, horrible, but no fisticuffs.

Then came the next segment.

A chick that’s been sleeping with her best friend’s whatever. On comes the best friend. Fisticuffs, Hair grabbing, pussy slaps. On comes the boyfriend, and yet another chick. Of course they all mill about the stage with that infernal bell ringing. And then the dude says he does not want any of the three chicks he’s been banging because he’s gay – what a loser!!

Next lot.

Dude that does not want his girlfriend anymore because she’s got bad acne – so bad that he’s scared her zits will pop in his eye. In his words – “Her acne is so bad anymore” Yeah – real rocket scientist that one! Back to the story. He does not want the current girlfriend, because of the acne, and because he wants his stepsister instead. Even has a bunch of flowers for her.

All on the stage, girlfriend tells him off, stepsister tells him off, and they fight.

Now, please don’t think I do this regularly. I don’t even watch any TV, let alone Jerry Springer. Luckily it’s on late at night, so I never really run the risk of seeing it at my sister’s house, which, until recently, was my only opportunity to watch any TVwhatsoever.

What gets me is why people would do something like this? Why air your dirty laundry in public? And why on earth is there even a market for this?

What’s the deal with reality TV?

There are so many shows – none of which I watched, even when I had access to TV.

But why do people watch it?

Do I really want to see Paris Hilton doing anything? The Kardashians? Mobster’s wives? Ozzy Ozbourne?

 Do I care who gets voted off Idols, or the Island or wherever?

In answer to these questions, and emphatic NO. I don’t actually care!

Give me Third Rock from the sun. Night Court. Frasier. Scrubs.

Terra Nova, Sanctuary, Dexter, True Blood, Heroes, House.

Shows where you can escape from your reality. Go to a different place and time.

Where life and death is a question of who has a bigger gun, and not who is a bigger conniver.

Where you can get irritated at a character, and not a person wanting their 15 minutes of fame in whichever way they can get it…

All moot, because I don’t really watch TV as a rule.

But it makes me wonder at the quality of people out there when reality shows about idiots are more rampant than moss on rocks.

When people are famous just because they have a pretty face, or a rich father, or star in a reality show.

No real heroes. Almost no good influences.

Is it any wonder that people seems to be slowly becoming less than they can be?



16 comments on “Ghia does…

  1. I agree, it is pure trailer trash stuff. And personally I think it is all pre-planned to get the ratings higher. Watched two of his programs and will never do it again. I dont think it is a true representstion of the typical American either.
    Rather watch History or Discovery

  2. People watch this stuff, because it makes their own reality looks better. For the same reason why peopel stop at accidents just to LOOK. Sometimes people in general just make me want to run and hide somewhere in the mountains 👿

    • Have to say, my reality is bad enough, don’t think watching these people have fights are going to make it any better…
      Only sometimes?

    • Might watch masterchef – at least they cook some nice looking food there.
      But really PPD – Survivor?
      Nope, never got the hang of it!

  3. I saw that show ONCE, until about a third of the way in when it first started. Yuck. I’m surprised Springer is still running.

    I haven’t watched TV since the beginning of this year. While I did, all they HAD were reality shows. We’re really hitting dirt here and I don’t mean PAY dirt.

    • Well, it might have been a re-run, I won’t know.
      It’s now been more than a year since I watched TV in my own house, and I have to say, I don’t really think I’m missing all that much!
      As for the dirt – they’ve hit bottom and have started to dig 😉

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