On dreams…

…that scares the crap out of you!!


Nope, no blood and gore and dead people floating in bathtubs.

Just a reminder of a time in my life where I was both happy and petrified.

All due to one person.

And I dreamt about him last night.

My boss in Iraq.

A real piece of work.

Talked to me about things that bosses should not discuss with their employees. And of course, I did not like him on sight.

Little man, both short and small of stature – one of those I could break over my knee should the mood take me.

A 50+ hippie, with a ponytail – my dude called it a handle. I could myself imagine taking hold of said handle and crunching his face into my knee…

But I digress.

The dream.

I got a job at a Harley shop in America somewhere. Was as happy as a pig in shit – I mean firstly, a job, and secondly, a job at a Harley shop!! How much better could life be!!

Got hold of my one friend that stays in St Louis, and we went for a drive in her car. Still played with our iPhones, since she also has one 😉 At least some good feelings! Then again, my phone inspires nothing but the utmost love, so I suppose it’s a given 😉

On getting back from our drive, I see this person walking into the shop. Dressed in his desert gear, converse boots and all…

And he was just as morose and irritating as he was when I first met him in 2008.

Can’t really remember much after that – just the feeling I got when I saw him again.

And it scared me greatly, for whatever reason.

He has no power over me anymore, no way of hurting me again.

Why am I dreaming about him then?

Oh well, it was just a dream.

And I suppose my continued turmoil does not exactly induce calm dreams…

Maybe I’ll have a dreamless sleep tonight – anything is possible!!



14 comments on “On dreams…

  1. Ha ha ha……………. To the first part!

    Otherwise, dreams never really recur two nights in a row, and I’m standing under correction… I haven’t remembered any dreams since nightmare! Hope tonight will leave you peaceful and give you the calm you need!!

    Xx 😉

  2. I think that, by being as frustrated as you may be, being as scared or whatever negative vibes you might harbor, stimulates the bad experiences you’ve faced in the past and connected it to your present in the form of a bad dream? That may be an answer of many…

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