Gay people…

…are not the enemy.


Came across this little tidbit today on Yahoo news.

About how totally stupid these people are. Fact is, they’re trying to change the constitution. That’s been in effect since 1994. Quite a while to only now start griping about it. Suppose they have to  – would not do to look like pansies when their counterparts in the rest of Africa is so dead set against gay people. Most likely just another political ploy

Bottom line is, gay people don’t harm anybody. They’re always ready with a joke, seems to have immaculate taste in clothing and decor – which is why I get my son to do any kind of decoration in my house 😉 He does it most effortlessly!

Yes, that’s a generalisation, and lots of people are offended by gays just because they don’t lie about who and what they are.

But, once you look past their sexual orientation, they’re just people, like we all are. I mean, if you’re going to condemn people on what they do behind closed doors, we should start on the foot and shoe and leather and whip people too…

I think a gay man is a better friend to a female than other females are.

Maybe I’m the only one that feels like that, but I’ve never really cottoned on to the whole female bonding thing, a la “Sex in the City”

Can’t imagine many things worse than sitting in a bar or a restaurant somewhere, chewing the fat with a bunch of other women, and all they really do is gossip about all and sundry. Well, maybe having root canal treatment, but that’s about it!

Going shopping? Don’t think so. My idea of shopping is the hardware store, not shoes.

Females only seem to play pool with their boyfriends – not an activity they share with other females 😉

That being said.

As long as there have been people, there have been gay people.

People that had to hide who and what they are against a society that does not tolerate anything outside the norm.

I personally know people that got married, had children, and then their whole life fell apart – because they could no longer live a lie.

Fact is, I would prefer to have openly gay people, living their lives as best they can, rather than a whole lot of unhappy people, resenting the situations they’ve been forced into by society.

It seems the Western society is slightly more lenient regarding this.

African society on the other hand – not so much.

Why is that I wonder?

What makes this person feel that it’s his right to condemn another person? Why do they feel it’s their right to condemn others out of hand?

Suppose the same could be said for everything else that society condemn.

And sure, the line must be drawn somewhere. It’s all slightly insidious, not so?

Because the same condemnation goes for Islam. And illigal immigrants. And stupid politicians.

Kind of the fact that, if you’re going to let the one thing slide, you have to let everything slide.

I’m probably quite hypocritical in saying that I won’t condemn gay people, because I have a gay son. And the last thing I want for him is to be ridiculed and made fun of, condemned just because he’s gay.

But I have no affiliation with Islam, and I’m not an illigal immigrant – well, not yet anyway – we’ll see how long it takes my government to declare me just that!! And I’m not a stupid politician either 😉

There are more reason to believe that the last factions mentioned cause more harm to many sosieties, especially their own, than gay people do.

So, maybe the line should be drawn on the amount of harm caused before  condemnation should happen.

Not something I’m able to correct. Or even make an educated guess about.

All just my personal opinion…



19 comments on “Gay people…

  1. The problem is that Gays should stop advertising themselves, we straits do not throw our pillow talk out in public. So what if George and Sally are gay and Peter and Rosemarie are straight. Their sexual preferences do not affect my life style, so let them be.

  2. As long as they do start hijacking planes and flying them onto tall buildings, or organise a new Crusade, then what’s the problem?

  3. Gays do not throw pillow talk any more than straights do, and in my opinion, everyone is equal whether they blabber or not.. But, like newsferret said, let us be….. We are not committing to any crime, love is love, whether it be straight or gay… Animals we are not!! And yes, I just admitted to being gay!

    😉 thank you for your opinion, beautiful lady!!

    • Exactly what I said young man 😉
      Much prefer my gay buddies to a whole bunch of straight people I know!!!
      Hope your day has been good so far?

  4. what other people do in their private lives and in the privacy of their own homes and bedrooms is their own business……if people gay or otherwize were having sex on the pavement it would affend me………..either way…………i know im not and never will be gay but if thats what other choose or are its non of my concern……..

    • Well said Pan!!
      I’m sure if would be slightly off putting if people started humping anything in sight 😉
      Mind you, I know a few guys that does that…

  5. I think that it’s a free world, so each to his own. The gay people I know and have known, have all been really nice folk, and don’t flaunt their ‘gayness’ at all. I don’t agree with these marches they do though. Quite uneccessary.

  6. ok let’s look deeper here.

    Why is the ANC now attacking gay rights (which were written into our constitution by Mandela’s team)?

    Last time they made such a public racket over something that needled half the country (ok ok, the whole country) was with blatant anti-white racism via Malema. And quietly on the sly in the background, they set up the e-toll, hoping to keep us too busy with racism for us to check what they were up to. And they very nearly got it right!

    What are they covering up this time?

      • Bwahaha wouldn’t that be an awakening for his 200 wives!

        What I’m wondering about is this stepwise process. Stepwise roughshod over the rights of minorities. Gays today. Whom tomorrow?

      • You are right, of course. The comment would have been much ore appropiate if it had read, “Where’s your Mummy now, then, sweety darling? Don’t you think I look divine in this genuine leopard skin throw? Ju Ju gave it to me. Kiss for luck?”

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