The theme…

…is birth.

I’ve started this particular post twice already.

This is the thrid try.

Let’s see if this one does it for me…


Birth. Death.

Two opposites. intrinsically bound to one another.

Many similarities between the 2.

Some are easy. Some are difficult.

With each, an expectancy.

Either because of the due birth date, or the imminent death.

An unexpectedness.

A sudden breaking of the water. A sudden car accident.

We all live with these absolutes.

People are born every day. Each of those people will die eventually.

The only thing you have a semblance of control over, is how you deal with what happens inbetween.

How you handle life’s curve balls, and straight roads. 

How you repay your Maker with the gift of life.

Since, however you see it, being alive is really a gift.

Every day.

Seeing all the beauty of the world, tempered by the cruelty and sadness.

Because you can’t have light without darkness.

Can’t appreciate joy if you have not tasted sadness.

Can’t understand love if you have not been exposed to hate.

Birth. Death.

Two opposites.

Two absolutes.




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