My apologies to my English readers.

This felt like it had to be done in my mother tongue.

Suppose Google translate might be able to give you the somewhat correct translation of the words, but things lose it’s power in translation. I will try and convey the meaning as best I can…


Die lewe is vol draaie.



Uitgespoelde paaie.

Soms is dit ‘n reguit stuk pad.

Met niks nie. Geen bome, geen landskap.

Net droë, dorre, bar grond.

Net die swart teer, soos ‘n skandvlek om die roete aan te dui.

Maar… daar in die vertes.

Doer op die horison.

Staan my wegkruipplek.

Die plek waar my hart stil word.

Waar my siel verkwik word.

“n Oase in die dor woestyn van my lewe.

Met die tuin van my siel.

Die huis van my drome.

Omring met herhinneringe.

My wegkruipplek.

© 68ghia 2012


Life is full of turns.



Drowned roads.

Sometimes a traight road.

With nothing. No trees, no landscape.

Just the blackness of tarmac, like a stain, to show the way.

But there.

On the horizon.

My hiding place.

The place where my heart becomes still.

Where my soul gets rejuvenated.

An oasis in the bleak desert of my life.

With the garden of my soul.

The house of my dreams.

Surrounded by memories.

My hiding place. 

© 68ghia 2012


13 comments on “Wegkruipplek.

    • I tried teaching the Americans on the base some of these words – sounded so cute 😉
      You guys have a big problem with the pronunciation, but the teaching is great fun 😉
      Imagine, I speak like that all the time!!

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