…the theme from Sidey for this weekend.


Just as well there’s a theme, otherwise I would be hard pressed for something to write about.

but here goes…


She stands in front of the arrival’s board at the airport. Not reallyknowing what she’s waiting for.

The voice on the phone was very cryptic.

“Be at the airport, international arrivals on Tuesday, 10:30 am. We have a very important parcel for you to pick up”

“What parcel? Who are you? WHy are you phoning ME? I have nothing to do with picking up things at the airport!”

“Just be there” the voice said. “It will be worth your while, Miss Canter”

So, here she stands. 10:30 am Tuesday morning – hopefully it’s the right Tuesday morning!! At the arrivals gate, with no idea what or who she has to met here. 

Looking at the teeming mass of people. All waiting to pick up their loved ones. Guys with placards in front of them, picking up visiting business men. Others trying to keep little kids close to them. Stretching their necks to see over the crowd in front of them, to be the first to see the husband, dad, mom, wife, sister, brother, lover…

She waits.

Then she picks up a familiar face. A beloved face, from long past. Walking past the glass wall, right where she’s standing. He looks to the side, almost as if he could feel her gaze. Catches her eyes.

And all the years just fell away.

Joy at seeing one another again, when it was all but impossible.

And she knew.

All was well with her world…

13 comments on “Impossible…

    • It’s my fondest dream Tess 😉
      That I would one day go to the airport and “The one that got away” would come walking through the doors…
      Thought it would make a good impossibility thing 😉

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