What to say?


Did go for my park on the couch yesterday afternoon. Had a lovely nap – until about 11 pm. Which meant I did not really sleep last night.

Just as well I did not, because the youngest was brought back by his brother, three sheets to the wind! Not something I condone, but at lease he was not driving, and had people to look after him.

I was quite surprised that the brother even went to the party – at least now he saw a different side to his brother – maybe their relationship can get slightly better now.

Then me and the eldest spent a few hours just visiting, and when he left at 1:30 am, one of the youngest’s buddies rocked up here – wanting to know if all the kids were allright.

So I spent time chatting with him about ghosts and strange things, and then he left at 2:30 am.

And then I played catch up on the blogs and went to sleep in a seriously cold bed at about 6am. Damn!! it took me ages to get warmed up in there!! Time I think to go hunting for the hot water bottle I know must be here somewhere!!


And here’s a bit of a rant.

Phoned the cellphone service provider last month to make arrangements for the debit order. So, instead of moving the date, she cancelled the debit order. And that caused my phone to stop working until I paid the money. I can understand that. Did not bargain on it happening again this month!! Alas, it did. And I was in no mood to fight with them yesterday. So I was off air for the whole day yesterday. Got it sorted today, but still. I wish that these people would just listen to me for once and do what I asked them to do without it becoming an issue thereafter!

All’s well that ends well, and I’m on air again.

Time to upload a pic of the ostrich we fed yesterday 😉

For now, think I need to start with the kitchen paint prepping…


Long days and pleasant nights…


10 comments on “What to say?

    • Putting it like that – would not want a boring life 😉
      But yes – it’s getting to be slightly overwhelming all these things I have to deal with all the time!!
      Thanks Tess 😉

  1. Yes, I want to see pictures of you feeding the big bird! I love animals. I grew up on a small farm and I always had chickens,ducks,geese,rabbits,pigs, and cows. And always dogs. I really think I get along better with animals than most people I know. Heck, the darn animals are smarter and more interesting to boot! 🙂

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