What was good about today…

…and other tidbits.


Well, I’m back from my journey into the far blue yonder.

What a magical place Monateng is! We did not go for a game drive or aything like that, but as I drove up to the main gates I saw a few antelope. Saw a kingfisher, or maybe it was a woodpecker – I have no idea! Did see a little hummingbird too though – at least I knew that one’s name!! But, unfortunately, I’m not quite an avid birder.

As for the rest of the day, just spent it reminscing about the old days in the place we used to work together. Got caught up on the skinner on all the people we both remember, talking about the current people, the changes we’ve both been through. It was a good day.

The place is very well fitted out, and the silence!!

No highway close to it, no airports in the area, just the bush and blessed silence.

Exactly what I needed!


Of course I had to brave almost peak hour traffic on my way home. Of course, lots of people left work early because of the public holiday tomorrow, and the long weekend looming.

Busses and trucks and fully loaded cars, and roadworks. Never a good combination!

And I realised again, the difference between African driving and European driving.

Africans just drive. If they want to be in the right hand lane, that’s where they will be. regardless of how fast they’re going – or not. Of course you get Europeans that does that to – I can’t quite figure out if they genuinely don’t care about the other road users, if they don’t know that you should basically stay in the left lanes, unless you want to overtake something, or if it’s just pure spite. I’m leaning towards the last reason – because I can πŸ˜‰

Then you get the truckdrivers that will overtake another truck – at barely 5km’s per hour faster. And screw the rest of the road – they can wait.

Of course you always get your females – either they drive in big, white BMW’s. Or little, flat Mercs and Renaults, with enough horses under the bonnet, but not enough savvy in the head to use those horses. Or they drive little Citi Golfs, and pay more attention to what their make-up is doing that to how they’re driving.

Today has been my first real taste of traffic driving since I stopped working – it’s going to take quite a few more hair on my teeth to get used to this again. Day in and day out, the same slog… Oh well, I’ll not complain too hard – getting into the daily slog would mean employment, and that’s nothing to be sneezed at!

Home sweet home. Think now would be the worst time to take a park on the couch. But I’m going to do it anyway!! Can really not concentrate on anything right now.

Next week the fun starts – when people want to be paid with money that I don’t have – to say I’m not looking forward to that would be the misnomer of the century!!

Hope the day treated you well – I’ll play catch-up later…


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