I cooked.

Yes, me, 68ghia,Β  cooked.

Let me just tell you, if you don’t maybe know this already. I don’t cook. There’s nothing I like less than to stand in front of the stove for hours on end, making something that the people will just eat up, and excrete again the next day.

But, there are certain occasions where it’s a good thing to do, and tonight was one of them.

Had to try and show the kid that just because we were broke, does not mean we are without recourse. That people still cared about him, and always will. For some strange reason even my 2 kids did not fight – which is a miracle in and of itself!


So, happy b day my baby. I do hope you had at least some fun today…


What was cooked you ask?

Rice, potatoes – baked, pumpkin – frittered. Sauce for the meat. Before the pumpkin fritters could be fried, it had to be mixed, which I did. Almost forgot about the rice, but remembered in time πŸ˜‰

Mom made the actual meat, and the desert with custard. When she got here with all the kids, I was done with just about everything – just had to pour the sauce over the meat and let it set for a while. And she brought beans. I have no idea if this has an English name, but we just call it sousboountjies, meaning beans with sauce. Similar to the ones you get in a can. Swtte, tart sauce, the perfect compliment to the meat and potatoes. Also my granddad’s favourite thing. The desert she made, with ginger and dates, was my grandmom’s favourite – so we honoured all my people tonight. They all had a hand in my son’s upbringing, so I suppose it’s only fair…

Eldest set the table for me, with candles πŸ˜‰

I got done with all the dishes a while ago. Think I’ll sleep well tonight πŸ˜‰

The whole family arrived, and we sat down around a table filled with abundant food. Almost got into a philosophical discussion with the eldest about how carrot salad tastes like. It’s his thing you see – philosophy. Canned that exercise quickly – the family as a rule are quite outspoken, and I did not feel like having a fight around the dinner table.

The guest of honour was quiet. Did not really speak much. Suppose it’s because it was the family around the table and not the buddies. Of course the buddies are here now, and you can’t keep him quiet if you paid him! All exuberant laughter and loud talking, planning the party tomorrow night.

Which I’m also looking forward to – having the house to myself for a bit. Might even start cleaning ou the kitchen for a new coat of paint…

But before that happens, I’m going to spend the day with a buddy of mine. She and her kid is at some farm for the week, and she invited me to come long, have lunch with them, and she’s even giving me a spot of cash for petrol there and back. According to her, my company is worth more than money! I was not certain if she was speaking of me when she said that, but I suppose she was serious πŸ˜‰ So, I’ll be there tomorrow during the day. Just getting out of the city, park off on a porch somewhere and watch the bush happen. Could not have come at a better time, I can tell you!

I’m glad today is finally over, It has stretched my patience to the limit. And even though it was very productive, and time well spent with my whole family around me, it’s done now.

Tomorrow promises to be somewhat better – at least I only have to deal with the cretins on the road, and not during the whole day!


Hope your evening goes as well as it needs to.


Long days and pleasant nights…




12 comments on “I cooked.

  1. Well done with the cooking. It sounds like a great meal, and a very successful bit of entertaining. Enjoy the trip to the farm. I’m sure once you get off the roads, you’ll find it very relaxing there, which is just what you need. Sleep well. xxx

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