No wonder…

…Mensa don’t want me!!


I’m probably the stupidest female alive!


Had the ex here tonight.

Fact that I’ve seen him more in the past 2 months that i’ve seen him in the past 11 years is completely besides the point.


The kid took my car – planning a huge party for his b day. B day is tomorrow, party on Thursday – huge story.

But that’s for another post.


The kid’s not here, just me and the ex.

He brought the car’s papers through to get the cars onto the kid’s names and so on and so forth.


Now, as I’ve been doing for the past few weeks or so, I don’t have a light on in the dining room – just a candle burning.

It helps a bit with the smoky air, and I enjoy the ambience of the yellow light flickering over stuff that’s beem in my grandmom’s house for many years.

I always have.

Tonight is no exeption.

Exept that the ex refused to go into the dining room without the mail light being switched on…

So, I did, and he gave me the documents and he’s gone now.


Only nowΒ it hit me!!!

He surely thinks I’m trying to seduce him, or be all romantic like with the candle!!

Crap!!! And double crap!!

And,Β I really think he thinks I’m still pining for him – since I’ve never had a long term BF since the divorce 14 years ago.

When, in fact, I just could not be bothered to pander to some dude in all these years.

And now this!




Will teach me to make sure the lights are all blazing next time he graces up with his precence!



12 comments on “No wonder…

    • Maybe AD πŸ˜‰
      I’ll convey the wishes to the kid, thanks πŸ˜‰
      Saw I made a bunch of weird spelling mistakes – don’t think I’ll correct them though – at least I noticed them – after the fact!!

  1. sho! wish your son a good birthday from me! and hope he has a blast at his party!
    as for the ex …. i agree with AD! he is probably unable to see in the light ambiance you have created for yourself and vanity prevails! glasses? me? never!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Have a great party young man and remember “Don’t drive drunk” you have your life ahead of you, don’t spend it in a prison cell.

  3. Ag, to hell with the ex. Next time tell him you are saving electricity, as Eskom complains every night on TV about how high the usage is πŸ˜‰

    • Exactly what I did say – to which he just scoffed. Since he’s living it up in high style in a big house at Harties somewhere, I don’t suppose a few lights bothers him greatly!

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