80’s music…

…the music of my youth.


Last night I posted a song from Lesley Rae Dowling – one of the South African artists that had quite a few hits in the 80’s.

Listened to it again this morning.

And hear the distinctive 80’s sounds again. The guitars screaming, deep base sounds…

And it took me back so many years.

Sure I have quite a few 60’s and 70’s songs on my playlist. Even some 90’s and 00. I adore music from the bandstand era, and love old jazz just as much.

But if I want to reminisce, I turn to 80’s.

I remember jolling at Bella Napoli and Boobs in Hillbrow, Q’s in Pritchard str in Jhb city centre, together with The Doors, and don’t forget the spectacular laser show they always had at that other place, think it was called Thunderdome or something? Eating Fontana chicken from Highpoint, also in Hillbrow at 2am in the morning.

Going to a Shackattack concert at the Standard Bank arena. All by my lonesome, because the ex did not like them – should have known then already, but hey – hindsight is always 20/20…

The 80’s was my young years. The years when I had all the confidence in the world. When I was invincible, and young, and naive.

I remember mock-headbanging to Joan Jett’s I love Rock n Roll. Dancing wierd to Soft Cell’s Tainted Love – still my all time fav!

My first real close dance with a boy from John Orr’s – me all silly and goosy – was all of 14 then – no idea what was really potting in the world of the birds and the bees.

Hiding magazines with, gasp, Billy Joel on the front page – standing with very tight jeans and a leather jacket – Breaking Glass? Or something.

The seriously colourful make-up, really huge hair, wiiiiide shoulders, Lady Di shoes and stockings with a line and a little bow at the back of the leg – I thought those were just the thing man! Sure, it looks totally off now, but if everybody looks like that, it’s not such a bad thing – shows we’re all individuals ๐Ÿ˜‰

The camps we went on with the Voortrekkers, similar to boy and girl scouts, but based on my personal culture. Those camps were huge, filled with a bunch of teenagers, building things out of sticks and ropes – much fun was had by all, and just makes the divide between my young years and my children’s young years so much bigger.

No computers, no cellphones, almost no TV.

Music was the one thing we could relate to.

I remember taping Casey Casim’s top 40 every Sunday night on 702. Screamed at the house to be quiet, I’m taping!! Oh man! Just thinking back to those days – yes well.

Olivia Newton John’s Physical album for my b day one year.

Being in absolute love with Adam Ant!

I suppose we all think back fondly to the times we were young and full of it. Can’t see myself going back there – but that does not stop me from remembering a time in my life when I was young, and cocky, and beautiful – crammed with possibilities and self confidence, and maybe, just maybe, getting some of those feelings back in my life.

Because I am still me…


And here’sย more great South African songs from a great band!!




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