It’s happened again…

…Monday morning.


Not that I really have Mondays anymore. Or Saturdays, or Public holidays…

Each day just rolls into the next one, no change, nothing different.

Not a single e mail reply, not a single interview invite, nothing.


Still have not heard anything from the bloke, and I’m leaving it that way. Don’t really think I want to date a petulant child – have my own to deal with!

Will do some more CV sending today. Thought I’d start my promotional paragraph like this :

So. Why should you hire me? Not because I’m a member of Mensa, because I’m not. Not because I have a degree, because I don’t. The reason you should hire me would have to be that I will get the job done. I have experience in getting the job done, regardless of training or knowledge.

Think it will make them sit up and take notice?

I sincerely hope so!!

And on that note, I’ll leave you until I have more to write about.

Hope the day treats you well 😉


15 comments on “It’s happened again…

      • It’s hard and after a while you begin to doubt yourself. Take it one day at a time and rally the support, they need to help carry the burden.

  1. Cool intro….. I would accompany the email with Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello” playing in the background hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa……… “…. is it me you’re looking for?”….

  2. If I was looking to fill a position in my company (if I had a company), I would definitely sit up and pay attention to your e-mail. There’s nothing more honest than what you’re putting out front, no pussy-footing around, no forced smiles, no pretending. I’m in your cheering section!

    • I will do just that Col.
      Something has to give – it’s getting harder for me to stay positive when I have to keep the kids’ spirits up too…

  3. Great, start it like that! I know the feeling – I have applied for hundreds of vacancies with almost no interview invites! I am, however sure, that the right job will show up soon!

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