The sun…

Apparently there’s a WordPress photo challenge about The Sun.

I did not think I had any pictures – don’t usually have the camera around at times when I see a really spectacular sun phenomenon.

Of which there are quite a few actually.

So, I browsed through my pictures and found these.

Taken in my backyard quite a few years ago – the trees are so small! And the one corner has been taken over by geraniums and morning glories.

Still, it was a spectacular sunrise – one of the few I’ve been privy to – not being awake early enough in the morning to do anything but moan about the pesky birds!

Think this picture was taken when I still had to take kids to school – a good 5 years ago – ah, those were the days!


Anyhow, here it is…


10 comments on “The sun…

    • I don’t quite have as many pics of sunsets and rises as you do AD 😉
      The view from my backyard is not quite the exotic!
      But I do try on occasion 😉

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