Turns out I’m stupid!!


And there goes all my hopes and dreams of ever becoming a rocket scientist, or a brain surgeon, or a world phenomenon ๐Ÿ˜‰

Had all the kids here today – well, both of them anyway, and me and the eldest spoke about Mensa.

Because he’s going to do the test on Wednesday. At the Mensa offices here in SA somewhere.

Suppose it’s in Pretoria, otherwise he would not have done it.

So, he reckons they have an online thing you can do.

I did it.

And I got 11 out of 33 correct.

Because I have no idea what the square root of anything is, let alone 65536. I don’t even know how to work out a square root! It would hit me in the face and I will still not know it.


Makes me kind of think.

Here I am, thinking I’m not quite the world’s stupidest person – turns out I actually am!

And that sort of sucks!

It means that everything I say is basically just so much rubbish – not really worth the breath taken to speak it, or the muscles used to type it.

All because I did not pass the Mensa online test.



Then again.

Knowing what the square root of anything is – does it change your life that much?

Being able to figure out which block comes next – is it going to help me find employment?

Having a badge to pin on your jacket and being able to write on your CV that you’re a member of Mensa – might not mean much if the people you’re trying to impress don’t even know who or what Mensa is! Apparently that happened to a chick at son’s company – she is a member of Mensa, and was asked what it means. How do you explain that to somebody?

Oh, I’m a clever person. One of the cleverest people known to man – I can spot a square root from a mile, not to mention using my brain to figure out which block goes where thanks to my superb deductive reasoning…


Yeah right.


Ok, so I can’t become a member of Mensa.

Hope my son can though – at least somebody in the family can be used to brag with!!


Hope this Saturday is treating you as well as needs be ๐Ÿ˜‰

And just because I can, and it’s such a lovely piece of music, along with a beautiful movie…




8 comments on “Mensa.

  1. It’s not always the super clever people who gets the job done. I once was told that employers look for an allrounder, someone who is practical and can think on his feet. And that they do not always employ the one with the best marks, but rather the one that worked hard to get where they are. So I wouldn’t be to worried about being a Mensa member ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Haha!!!
      At least they allowed you to join ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I was politely told that I would not really stand a chance of making it in the real thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

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