WTF’s up…

…with Asians?

Came across this story today on Yahoo’s news thingy.

Are they serious?

They’ve killed off all the wld tigers  in China.

For medicinal purposes. Apparently Phizer and Adcock Ingram is not companies that make any business in Asia.

And, apparently wine from tiger bones. Never heard of grapes have you? Or potatoes, or kiwi fruit or peaches…

But, since tigers can no longer be found in the wild, and they prefer wild animals to captive bred animals, because there’s more power – is any of this making any sense?

Since they can no longer find tigers in the wild, they are now looking to Africa to supply them with lion’s bones.

Dear Africa, where every single person seems to be dirt poor, and in need of a quick few grand to put food on their table. And even the game farm owners have been embroiled in this – people that should have known better. I can almost, not quite, but almost, understand why the normal people would do it. But somebody that had the money in hand to start up a game farm? He should not be poor and in need of money. And what other reason can you have for killing a wild animal and selling it off to be made into wine?

So now, the lions  in Africa is slowly being decimated. Same as with the Rhino’s.


All because Asia makes people faster than the rest of the world makes rubbish, and they refuse to use less invasive methods for their procreation or medicine or entertainment.


Substitutes are available.

Use it!!

Pictures courtesy of Google.


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