Scary stuff…

Seems today would be my irritated day – one of those where every single little thing is enough to blow your top off. Not just scew or out of sorts, completely off!

Poor kid already got it this morning – I’m getting sick of him being in the streets the whole time. With MY car. And he has not done a single thing in the house. So, it sucks to be him today, but since he’s out and likely to stay out for the forseeable future, I have a calm and relaxing day to myself.

Which kind of makes the irritation like a bit of a steam cooker with no outlet. Pressure just builds and builds until it explodes – hope all the livestock is out of the way when that happens 😉



Back to the post.

Came across this juicy little tidbit this morning.

All about our beleagured leader in stupidity pro-poor efforts.

And apparently a few countries support him as vice president of the International Union of Socialist Youth.

One of them Russia – one would think they’ve learnt their lesson after Lenin and Stalin flew through there, but hey – young people seems to be quite as stupid as they look these days.

And get this – they want him to go live in Vienna, Austria – just to make sure he’s safe.

Vienna – land of the Strauss Waltz. Higher education, supposed educated people. Yet they would welcome this person in their fold so to speak and give him safe passage. A person openly advocating socialism and communism.

Am I wrong in saying that it’s only poor people that believes in socialism? Or stupid people?

As a theory it makes perfect sense – no have’s and have-not’s. Nobody has more than the other, everybody just have enough. You just do the little job the State gives you to do, and screw the rest. They look after the housing, if you get a car, if you get petrol, what food you eat, when you go on holiday, where you go on holiday, how long your working hours are, what you do…

And what, exactly, does that foster?

Is life really worth living like that? No dreams to try and make real, no hard work and effort and reward? Do you really want the state to tell you when to shit, eat and sleep? Do the advocates of Socialism really think they will do it differently than has been done in the past? Looking at the member states of the Union, they don’t have the best track record in these things.

So, I suppose they have more poor people than most countries – that’s why the Union has a foothold there. Is there no other way of helping poor people not be poor?

We all know everything revolves around money.

Instead of taking money from the have’s, why not teach the have-nots how to make their own money?

It just struck me as silly that a Union like this could even get a foothold in modern society – then again, the thrid world can’t really be called modern society.

And the fact that everybody is so PC these days, nobody would dare call them stupid to their faces – would not do to make them feel like less than they think they are…




12 comments on “Scary stuff…

  1. Just read the article. Scary that any country should want Malema. Maybe he’s going prove himself to be the anti-christ after all, and take over the world. ;( 😉

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