Does God love me?

Or not?

Some random dude on another blogging platform posted this picture this morning under the caption :

Love. A caricature.


I’ve read some of the comments on his blog – it quickly circelled the drain into a bunch of people negating this, saying that it’s the rich people’s responsibility to care for people like this, calling Christians racists – all in all, just another day on the blogs at Litnet.

That’s not what this post is about though.

It’s about the fact that we, as people, would rather blame everybody, and mostly God, for whatever’s wrong in our lives.

Even atheists would rather blame God for all the wrongs that are done in the name of religion rather than lay the blame where it belongs – with people.

But that is also not what this post is about.

I’m not fighting for religion here, or trying to prove a point on anything.

This is only my personal opinion.


And it is this – a time must come in everybody’s life where they stop blaming their parents, or their lack of money, or their education or God for everything that’s wrong in their lives.


Who can I blame for my current, untenable situation?

Myself.  If I did not do something against my better judgement last year, I would still have had a comfortable, if slightly boring, job. Just slogging it away, living from weekend to weekend. Not the best of situations, no, but still. I would have had other things to worry about rather than where the next plate of food is coming from.

Thing is, I did not listen to my better judgement in that particular scenario.

Fact is, if you’re going to be stupid, you will have to face the consequences. And you can’t really blame anybody for that.


So, looking at the picture.

Yes. It’s sad that that child has to suffer like that. I can’t imagine what he must think of his life. A daily hunger gnawing at him, no respite…

Who is to blame though?

God for the drought? The kid’s parents for making more kids than they can afford to feed? The government for not looking after their people? The West for just dumping bags of grain in the problem areas and then moving on to the next one?

Is there any one factor that is the deciding one in this scenario?

I think that part of Africa has been steadily getting dryer in the past few years. Suppose that can be put in front of climate change’s doors. And then again, who is to blame for that?

If you hear the Africans and the rest of the third world tell it – that would be the developed countries’ fault entirely.

But then, if you see the rain gets less and less, the crops keep on failing, why do you carry on making children you have no hope to feed? Should you not try a different crop, or move away to a place where there’s more water? Develop ways of catching the water you do have access to?

Agent Smith have captured it perfectly. I could not get the embed code on this video, but use the link.

Humans are a virus. We populate one place, use up everything and then move on.

Thing is, the places to move on to are getting fewer and fewer. We are at the mercy of the elements these days – and I do think it’s going to get progressively worse. Time will come when there won’t be any farms left, or if there are, it will be subsistence farming. Only enough for yourself, screw the city dwellers.

Maybe it’s time to stop blaming, and take stock of what’s happening around you.


We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children – Native American proverb.


And please.

This is NOT about God, or religion.

I will not get into any rethoric in that regard – it’s a waste of time because the folk that needs to hear the most, listens the least.



37 comments on “Does God love me?

    • They’re the biggest bunch of dirty fighters and opinionated people I have ever come across!!
      It seems every post is just a reason for a fight – all in the name of literature you know…
      I am often ashamed that I share their language…

  1. “Even atheists would rather blame God for all the wrongs that are done in the name of religion rather than lay the blame where it belongs – with people.”

    I am not sure if this a paradox or an oxymoron, but it is hilarious and I assure you a true atheist will never blame god,any god, for the wrongs of the world or humanity’s woes.
    Maybe some god blames atheists? 😉

    • Glad you got a laugh Ark.
      Missing the point though.
      And God has no need to apportion blame.
      And I would point out that the Kwagga you so admire has done just that on many occasions – blamed God for everything that’s wrong in the world.

      • I reckon you are missreading Kwagga if you trulky believe he would really ‘blame god’.
        Oh, yes, he has written such, that I know, but as an atheist his tongue was firmly in his cheek.
        How could an atheist (one who does no believe in any gods) apportion blame to one? A complete contradiction.
        If you doubt, pose the question to him. I guarantee he will smile.

      • No doubt you would both get a huge smile – that’s the standard thing on ridicule is it not?
        And here I am, involved in rethoric – again.
        And you, insistently, keep on missing the point of the post – but it’s all good Ark.
        I know unbelievers tend to have aone track mind.

  2. Awesome post! God has given us free will, and while the upside of that is chosing Him as our God, and His Son as our Lord, the downside is that He is often left out and man becomes his own god. We are not promised a wonderful, pain free ride on this planet, but we are given ever lasting life once we leave, if we chose to follow God.
    And I am a firm believer in taking responsibiltiy for ones life. I would rather die an ugly, slow death in a vacant lot, than take any free care from my government. To me, it is all about being a free man, as opposed to being enslaved to the government. In my opinion, my federal government has become god, and I already have a God! 🙂 And the way I make life decisions, I need him on an hourly basis!

  3. Well said, indeed. Some stuff is imposed on us, and some we impose on ourselves. What counts most is how all of us, individually and collectively, deal with both. For ourselves, and for others.

  4. ok this is not really rhetoric….but i feel the god and their enemies (the athiests) believers totally misunderstand their own book or books……………….god,(and i use the word god just as a word that represents a concept)……god does not do anything including raining famine hellfire etc down on people………the laws,commandments etc in the book are just warnings … if you step out of the 7th story window the law of gravity will splat you on the pavement………..god did not rain gravity down on you to destroy you……………the book also is not a book it is a compendium of books,letters,ramblings,poems written down by diffrent people over a period of some thousands of years ….later compiled into a volume by other numerous individuals…………..its like taking 20 or 30 various blogs and trying to group them into one universal philosopy…ridiculous………..but not to say that some of those individual blogs dont have any merit of their own in context…………..ive heared the term bronze age goat herders…….but i have no illusions that the men who wrote those books were highly educated men of their age …..when most were illiterate having the ability to write books with such complex ideas proves this…………….

    • The whole idea of the Bible being written by bronze age goat herders should be that they had God with them – I suppose, in a sense, God was writing it through them. It was not their own words, it was God’s words.
      Not what this post is about though – whatever your beliefs regarding God is not the question here.
      Where blame needs to be apportioned – that’s the question…

    • nope……we made the mistake …you misssed the point about accepting responsibility…… are moving the responsibility to god…………..we made the mistake by eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil……god made no mistake and in fact warned us not to do this………………do not step out of the 7th flr window as gravity will splat you on the pavement………

      • Yes, we did cross that line.
        If He had never made us, that line would never have been crossed in the first place though.
        I have often said that humans may be God’s greatest creation – we are also His biggest failure…

  5. haha ghia…….and that last comment is ridiculous…..think about it……………you contradict yourself by expressing some form of belief in this god (a mere concept to me) and his guidence and then you go and question his ability in creating you in the first place………………you have taken it apon yourself to think you posses the knowledge of waht is good and what is evil………

    • Human – evil. Animal – good. It’s that easy.
      What good do humans do? Ever?
      I’m not questioning God’s ability to create – as I said, he did a splendid job in creating the Universe.
      it was just a slight oversight on His part to think that anything human could ever be good.
      And since I am the believer around here, if I want to contradict my Creator, I am allowed.
      You, as a non-believer do not have that right.
      Rhethoric – it’s just not worth the effort.

  6. whoa ghia this is merely a discussion………….and we are basically on the same track….just think about what you just said…..human =evil…………animals = good…………..i agree…….but humans are animals ………………..its that part of us that is diffrent to animals that is the apparently evil bit…………..god created us as animals we chose to moralize and aquire knowledge (diff between good and evil)…..animals dont do this…… to i being a non believer you are both right and wrong……….i dont believe what you believe but clearly i believe something even though that in which i believe alters from from one moment to the next as my perception of the world around me percieves diffrent aspect of the world around me………………..

    • Belief should not change to whichever way the wind blows Pan. It should be the one constant in your life.
      Humans are indeed animals – with free will and higher thinking. And that’s what makes us dangerous.
      The fact that we can think further than the next meal, but apparently no further than our noses are long…

      • nope……belief should not exist at all……………open mindednes should be the way to go….a mind open to the reality that is happening around us all the time…….not locked into a pre determined frame of reference by means of which we interpret and twist what is going on into a false reality……………….we believe we have free will and higher thinking which we dont…..and that is what makes us so dangerous……….the fact that we can think further than our next meal is what makes us dangerous ……..

      • Nope – that way you will never stand fast in anything.
        Belief, morals, ideals – you have to believe in something, otherwise you’ll fall for anything.
        Just changing your mind to suit whatever’s happening around you would not be a good way for me to live.
        Maybe for you it works, but not how I percieve life…

      • I sincerely hope you are not implying that I don’t have an open mind?
        Because that would be the whole reason I’m not inclined to get involved in the whole religious debate – just because I believe in God, does not make me an idiot.
        I can see what’s happening around me – much more clearly than most. I’m not blind to the rest of the world, and I definitely don’t live in a dream world.
        I choose to believe that there might be something better than what I currently have – because it makes my sucky life slightly better than just existing…

      • reread the compliments i gave to the bronze age goat herders and you will understand where i come from…………they too were exploring ways to explain and understand the world they saw aroundb them….that is not ignorant or stupid….on the contrary……..

      • And they did this with limited knowlegde.
        We have more knowledge than we know what to do with.
        There’s so many different things out there, all promising something.
        That’s why I say, choose one thing and stick to it. make a decision and bear the consequences of that decision.
        That’s the way I choose to live my life – be it good, or bad…

      • and in a universe that is trillions and trillions of miles in size we dont even have knowlege of hardly anything in our own solar system……so we still have extreme limited knowledge…perhaps 1% more (probably less) than they did………….so knowing that we in fact no very little makes it somewhat unwise to claim or settle on any belief system that claims to know the ultimate reality…………at best all of what humanity collectivly knows is a mere hypothetical theory…………..of some value but extremly limited……………..divine unalterable truth.?………..clearly not…………………….

      • I will continue to differ from you ion this regard Pan.
        No matter how much or how little we know – I’ve chosen to make a stand.
        Does the trillions of Universes out there affect my life in any way, shape or form?
        Nope, it does not. All I can focus on is my own life – the things that affects me directly – and that I chose to do – be it right or wrong. I’m happy with having a stand – like Storm tells Wolverine in X-men – at least I’ve picked a side.

      • indeed fair enough and everyone has to do this to some degree …but who ultimitly needs a side?…..i dont think i do…..and something still cannot be reality just because you choose it to be so………..i have this ability to switch my mind to diffrent methods of thinking ……..all useful for composing a clearer picture of some very confuzing ideas…………..

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  8. We can choose our reality or listen to the miasma of Satan’s hatred and doubt we get bombarded with daily. He is the prince of this world and the air. God put the tree there knowing Satan’s lies would convince Eve to bite the apple. He wasn’t stupid. God at that time gave us a greater chance for a relationship with him, and seek him by faith, (not just hope) and to recognize the power and forgiveness of the cross by placing the power of the spirit in us. Faith without deeds is dead. Deeds without faith are dead too. Even demons believe and shudder. Faith and belief are not the same just like the Oracle said in the Matrix, even though she didn’t have it right.

    You have sucked me into a religious discussion. That’s the last time.

    Good article.

    • I don’t generally do religion myself Curm, but I felt this was needed at the time.
      You are correct in what you said about Satan and his wiles…

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