Hey Lady…



Something Kalinka commented on in my previous post brough this song to mind.

How often do we yearn for somebody else’s life, without any thought as to that person’s reasoning?

I, myself, have looked at couples, and thought to myself – “Now there’s a life I could be happy with.”

But I don’t know what happens behind closed doors, do I?

I have not walked in those people’s shoes, I don’t know what makes them happy, or sad..

I KNOW there are females out there that envy my my freedom.

The fact that I can, and have, dated a different man every night for weeks.

They think me brave for going out there and looking for somebody to share my life with.

What they don’t know is the emptyness of these endeavours.

The same demands from different people – so much so that they become just one big blur, with no remarkable features.

Just another man in a long string of them, promising the moon and delivering only emptiness.


I’ve stopped envying people their seemingly good lives.

I am doing my best to concentrate on the things I don’t like in my own life – and at the moment, I have to admit, it’s just a job.

I don’t need to be flattered anymore, dont’ need a man to tell me I’m gorgeous or hot or whatever.

The only thing I want to change in my life at this point in time would be unemployment.

Everything else is just the way it needs to be.


So yes.

Look to other people – get ideas from them.

Never envy them – you know not what they had to go through to get where they are.

And maybe are still going through…


12 comments on “Hey Lady…

  1. Lovely post. Nicely put. That’s how I feel. I don’t envy anyone anything anyMORE. I figure I got that out of my system in highschool. After a while, all a person can do is try to find fulfilment and try to be happy. Sometimes that even happens. For one, I think I am happy. Hope you will be soon once the employment situation is resolved. Sometimes, lovely things happen when we’re not looking.

    • Thanks Tess 😉
      Sometimes happiness do happen – you’re right there.
      It’s not a dead cert by any means, but the search for it drives us.
      And, I do think, sometimes, we search for it so hard that we completely miss it!

  2. Beautifully said! And in the end, if everyone were to empty all their issues in a whole big heap on the floor, and people would compare issues, what’s the bet we’d all rather take our own issues back than swap with anyone else?

    Love that song… I had a close friend at Uni who played it a lot. I think I still know the words by heart.

    • When I read your comment, that’s the first thing I thought of – this song 😉
      Think the first time I heard it was in 1983 – at Hoër Meisieskool Helpmekaar, boys gym in Melle str, Braamfontein – those were indeed the days!!
      As for the issues – you’ve got that right! At least I know how to deal with mine – they’ve become a part of me after all these years!!

  3. Yes, the employment thing is really a thorn amongst the roses.
    As for a relationship, decide firmly that one is not for you and you are happy as you are. Before you know it, you will then suddenly be caught up in a passionate romance. Fate is like that!

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