Tuesday has dawned…

…bright and sparkly 😉


Always a good way to start a day.

The day’s are dawning fresh – winter looks to be a long, drawn-out affair this year.


It’s a lovely season.

Stark, but quite beautiful nonetheless.

Cold, but invigorating.

I’m always looking for a reason to wear my gorgeous boots, my stunning leather coat, my beautiful, hand-knitted jerseys 😉

Have a cup of hot chocolate of an evening, cuddle onder loads of blankets – one thing South African houses are not, is geared for winter – it just never gets quite as cold here as it does in the Northern Hemisphere.

One thing we can be glad for, but it is a bit of a drag if you can only really wear your proper winterclothes early in the morning, or in the evening – makes me long for a proper winter, although I’m sure I’ll gripe about it once I have it!!

Nature of the beast I’m afraid!



Off to the Unemployment offices again today.

I might just see a smile today – one juse never knows.

Why do Government officials go about with such a sour demeanor?

Is it because they have to deal with crap the whole day?

DO they not like their jobs?

Hate people?

I’m thinking that if they stick a smile on their dial, live would be much sweeter.

Oh well.

One of those things I suppose. I’ll just have to deal…


Oh, and the date went extremely well – only time will tell if it will morph from a series of dates into a proper relationship.

When does that happen in any case?

Is it something that you should decide on? Or will it just happen?

I really don’t know – never had one of those!

My son said, it’s not official until your FB status has changed 😉

Well, it has not quite yet 😉


Do hope you’re having a splendid Tuesday!


Long days and pleasant nights to all…


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