On disappointments…



Well, not really a disappointment.

More like a kick in the teeth.

Went to the UIF offices again today.

Got the correct forms for them now, handed it all in.

So, naturally I ask, what next?

Dude does not even look at me, tells me in a toneless voice…

Now, you come back on the 21st of May, and you go to Room 112. They will then tell you how much unemployment benefits you will be paid and when it will be paid. Because it takes 5 weeks for the application to be processed.


I sit there, stunned.

I have bills to pay at the end of April. How am I going to do this without money?

And the 21st of May is another month away. And the chances do exist that they will say I will only receive payment at the end of the next month. Or something stupid.

They’re probably doing this in the hope that I will find something in the employment line before then so they don’t have to pay me anything.

Now I have to dig in the little savings I do have – which I will probably have to pay tax on!


Saw 2 people begging today – not an uncommon occurence these days. But these 2 were witeys, probably people that speaks my language. The looked care worn. Many hours in the baking sun doing whatever, skins tanned like old leather.

And I realised afresh how easy it is to fall to that level.

One or 2 months without paying bills and they will start hounding you for money. Removing your stuff, selling it on auction. What then?

I will not let that happen. I refuse to let my greatest fear overwhelm me, make me less than I need to be.


Oh Lord! Help me breathe….


14 comments on “On disappointments…

  1. That must have been really upsetting for you. How do they expect you to be able to wait until next month? Keep trying to find that perfect job. It just has to be out there. Hugs xx

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