Quicky Monday.

Date #5 is happening tonight.

It’s been talked about and planned since Saturday.

So I can only hope it goes according to plan – because the plans sounds good 😉

Hence the quicky – have to get everything ready to leave for the meeting spot 😉


The kid will be plastered in front of the playstation – what an abomination those things are!

The playstation, not the kid – although, sometimes, they run close together!

He’ll be stuck there until the early hours of the morning, not unpacking the dishwasher, or making his bed.

Just park in front of the TV, eyes glued to the screen, curse words colouring the air, coffee cups littering the table…

At least he’ll be kept occupied to a fashion, if nothing else.



Hope this Monday treats you well.

Long days and pleasant nights to all…


High Medical Cost

As I was admitted the hospital for a procedure, the clerk asked for my wrist, saying ” I’m going to give you a bracelet. ”

” Has it got Rubies and Diamonds ? ” I ask coyly.

” No, ” he said. ” But it cost just as much. “

8 comments on “Quicky Monday.

    • Now that would be telling, now wouldn’t it!
      It was a good date – much enjoyment by both parties – as far as I could gather 😉
      I certainly had fun 😉

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