The kid…

…astonishes me!


As we all know, my employment situation is slightly rocky at this point in time.

So, I had to let my Domestic Goddess go – can’t afford to pay her anymore.

Now, cleaning the house and ironing the clothes and washing the dishes falls on me to do.

I’ll do the laundry. I’ll pack the dishwasher. I’ll even do the dishes that can’t fit in the dishwasher.

Pushing a mop? A broom? Cleaning the kid’s bath?

Not so much!!!

Still, the house is not overly dirty in any case – as long as you kind of keep on top of things it sort of stays OK.

And I did remove the dead bird and a few feathers that the cats left me last night.

Still, I have not bothered sweeping and vacuming this weekend – not like I have a dayjob, now is it!

Have the whole week to bother with stuff like that – should I feel like it.


Kid comes home this morning from his jaunts last night.

Tells me he’s getting a guest this afternoon.

A girl guest.

So far he’s wiped the dining room table, cleared off all the stuff that was on it.

Cleaned the bath, the loo and the bathroom floor, mopped the passage, the kitchen, the dining room – even the steps by the front door!

He has not done the dishes, bit I’ve asked him to unpack the dishwasher 😉

Another chore I’m not very enamoured with…


I can’t get him to do anything at home on a good day!

Think he should get more girl visitors 😉


Have no idea what I should do once the young lady is here – suppose I’ll just hole up here in my cave study and make as if I’m invisible – is that not what most parents do?


Hope your Sunday is a good one 😉


10 comments on “The kid…

  1. Always amazes me what a female will do TO a male when he’s enamoured, especially the young of the species. Enjoy it while you can. you never know what might come of it even after said love.

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