Thank Heavens…

…for small mercies!


On my previous blooging platform there were, and probably still are, a few people that would post on religion.

Be it because they hated it, or because they loved it – they would blog about it, ad infinitum.

I suppose on WP the same phenomenon occurs.

I have, thankfully, not been privy to many of them.

I usually avoid them like the plague – sometimes it upsets me, other times it just irks me.

I don’t comment on those blogs, don’t even read them – because I don’t have to.


Now, the main reason for this post is Mr Ark’s constant carryings on about religion.


He enjoys it – so in this case it’s a question of whatever blows his dress up and away.

It did get me to thinking though.


I’m not a religious nut.

If you choose to believe differently from me, that’s fine.

I don’t have to like the way Muslims treat their women, but if that’s what the women are comfortable with, that’s really their problem.

If you’re an atheist, and don’t believe in any G-d at all, that’s also OK.

It is, after all, your choice.

And we would not be human if we did not insist on our human right of choice.


What is a bit silly for me is the way they insist on making all religious people out to be nutters.

Just because I choose to believe in Something other than myself, does not quite make me stupid, now does it?

It does not really make a difference how well you know the Bible or history – you can choose to believe in the Unseen.

As I do.


What I can’t really understand is their need to constantly negate any religion.

To always make it bad.

And as I said before, and probably will again – religion is not the problem.

People are.

Since the beginning of time, people have believed in things.

If they could not explain to themselves how the sun rose, they made up a story about it.

Or how trees grow, or why animals look the way they do.

As such, there are many branches of learning dealing with just that – mythology.

The Spanish Inquisition might have been fought under the auspices of the Church – but it was fought by humans. Filled with greed and power-hunger. Humans that wanted more gold, more power, more land, more money.


And sure.

Maybe all religion really IS a crock.

We will only really know when we die, won’t we?


I suppose, what I really want to say, is please.

Let me believe what I feel comfortable with.

Let others believe what they’re comfortable with.

Don’t negate me and my beliefs – because I don’t do that to you.

Respect what I believe in.

Because to not respect what I believe in, is to not respect me.

And, even if you don’t believe in the Unseen, I’m here. I’m not unseen.

And I deserve to get your respect, as you get mine.


But hey.

It’s a free world.

And, as you are free to write what you want, I am free to not read it – an action I have enforced many times before, and will many times to come.

I have no wish to get into a fight about religion – that’s not what this is about.

I’ve long since stopped worrying about what people believe in – they only hear what they want to hear in any case.

And the same sun that shines on you, shines on me to.

It does, after all, take all kinds…


19 comments on “Thank Heavens…

  1. Between the fanatics of all religions there is no difference, albeit the religions are different. What they share in common as reflected in their conduct is their doubt in their belief and that is why they are always on the attack upon whatever they perceive as the greatest threat. And thus the pagan has spoken.

  2. You do not blog about religion so I never criticize your posts in this regard. Should you comment on a religious post I may respond – be it mine or anyone else’s.
    Whether you believe(sic) it or not, most people are indoctrinated with religion from birth, so their worldly perception of God, Jesus, Mohammed, Allah etc has already been inculcated and their viewpoint will, naturally, be biased towards the faith they are brought up in.
    Christians are brought up to believe that Jews are wrong as are Muslims. Do you honestly think the Jews and Muslims don’t have the same perception about Christians? Of COURSE they do!
    And every monotheistic religion has gained its right to supposed religious freedom after wallowing in so much blood.
    I used to take a very neutral standpoint; I suppose one might say I was agnostic. I could really care less, to be honest. Only later in life, when I made a few cursory studies (initially for historical research for something I was working on) that I discovered how little of it made any rational sense. .
    It was then I read the bible-cover to cover- some of the Koran and looked into other religions. I also studied a lot more religious history, Jewish, christian, Muslim,Canaan, Sumerian, Babylonian etc,
    So, when I see religious blogs espousing .what are effectively lies -especially where it concerns Creationism and gross historical inaccuracies, I will often repudiate the nonsense.
    Much of the world is divided by religion and with the right instigation will go to war over such innocuous beliefs. Beliefs that if one looks at in a calm, rational way can only be myth. Yet people will willing die and slaughter one other.
    People killing because of greed, lust, anger, etc etc is stupid, but to do such things in the name of a ‘God’ ? Such behavior in this day and age is utter madness and completely reprehensible.
    I realise one totally legalize against religion, but at least it should be banned from all schools, separated from state, and laws SHOULD be passed preventing adults inculcating children. If kids want to enter religion in any way they should be only allowed to do it once they are considered adults.

    • I hesitated posting this blog – because it’s outcome was sure to be something like this.
      I don’t do religious posts – not because I’m not a believer, but because everybody does not believe the same way I do.
      You, in not believing, still adhere to the laws of my Bible – you don’t kill, I take it you are faithful to the wife you have been married to for ages, you’re kind to animals, you probably don’t covet too much, you will, hopefully let your children make an informed decision.
      Whatever you believe or not is totally besides the point for this particular blog.
      I just wanted you to know that I, personally, don’t like it.
      When you ridicule what I want to believe in, you’re ridiculing me.
      And that is why I don’t even read your religious things, let alone comment on them.
      Because all you’re really doing is ridiculing it.
      You’re not giving viable alternatives or even interesting info. It’s just bashing.
      And I probably don’t KNOW enough to take you on in this particular arena.
      So, while I respect your intellect, and might even like you as a person, I don’t have to actually agree to read your bashing posts.
      You could be gay bashing, or colour bashing – boils down to the same thing eventually.
      And, while I understand your viewpoint, I don’t have to like it.
      You don’t have to stop or even be really bothered about me not liking it.
      You just need to know.

      • I am sorry what I write concerning religion upsets you. Many people do not like Liverpool football club, or Jimi Hendrix, or Terry Pratchett, or Shakespeare or many of the movies I like or the food I eat or the car I drive -and you can find thousands of columns of media space saying so, too.
        Now just because many say that Terry Pratchett does not write proper literature or his work is childish I do not take offence and assume they are suggesting I am childish for reading his books.
        You may feel that I am being unfair about your religious beliefs; that they are somehow sacrosanct. Do Muslims not deserve the same respect? Or is the way Muslim women are treated not okay? Should people not speak up at the brutality they are often subject to in Islamic countries?
        What about Muslim children, indoctrinated to believed that sacrificing their lives for Allah to detonate a bomb in a public place will ensure everlasting joy after officials are scraping their remains off the walls? Can we ever forget 9/11?
        And what about the extermination of Jews during WW11?
        And before you say ah, but that’s not Christians, be cautious.
        I agree that you are NOT like these examples. But this nonsense begins somewhere, yes?
        And I reiterate, the inoffensive believers (in this case, Christians) are in the position they are today because much of the opposition(heresy) has been wiped out – by fellow Christians!
        If you read many religious blogs you will soon see that if one is not a devout believer those that are wholeheartedly believe that one will spend eternity in hell -a hell constructed by the God you worship. And these nutjobs are CHRISTIAN for goodness sake!
        You think this is the type of doctrine you want a young child subjected to?
        That a child must be brought up to believe he was born into sin! What the heck is that!
        I’m sorry you feel the way you do, but I will never condone a religion that endorses stuff like this, especially as it is supposed to come direct from your God.

      • Oh, and as an aside. There were ancient law codes around long before the bible was put together, Ghia. A lot longer. And many of the Laws you adhere to, and me, of course, can be found in several ancient texts.
        I don’t expect you to do the amount of research I have done, but you could try Googling Hammurabi Law Code if you like. Just for comparison. Fascinating stuff, I assure you.

      • You can really be as unfair as you like about my religious concerns.
        Or about Muslim religious concerns.
        Or about all the other ones out there.
        As I said, it’s your choice.
        There’s a saying that one should never discuss religion or politics – it makes people hot under the collar, much more so than anything else.
        Causes bad blood generally – regardless of who’s right or who’s right.
        Nobody wavers from their viewpoint, it’s all just their own opinion.
        And I am guilty of that too, I know.
        As with that other person and his remark about brunettes being ugly – I took personal offense to it.
        All I wanted to say is that I don’t like it.
        I don’t like it that you think I’m stupid and uninformed for believing in the Christian God.
        It’s all about me, really.
        I will still not read your religious posts – be it the ones you joke in, or the ones you’re serious in.
        My choice not to.
        I might throw a spanner out there sometimes though – just to get your juices flowing 😉

        PS – people that think Mr Pratchett are infantile, can obviously not read. and if they do, they have no idea what’s going on around them! He has to be one of the best writers I’ve ever come across.
        At least we can agree on this.

      • Not once have I ever called you stupid. Now, THAT is unfair. Uninformed? Yes, you are, and I believe you choose to remain so, because all it will take is about an hours cursory research on Google.
        Ignorant regarding religion; probably, but not as ignorant as you try to make out. But stupid? No, I have never said this.

      • Good that you never came right out and said I was stupid – I can always find out where you live 😉
        But yes, you are correct – I’m somewhat lazy to wade into the sea of information on Google regarding religions – I know what I need to for my existence to work for me…
        I will read your retaliation when I get back from the UIF offices.
        I might even comment…

  3. In all honesty, would you really be interested in an alternative? If you were would you not have searched already?
    I did…
    Gay bashing and colour bashing is not quite the same thing. And generally I don’t do that unless it involves a gay person of colour who just happens to be a religious person who wishes to espouse his beliefs on a public forum. Then I will comment.

  4. Amen! I believe I’ve used this word twice in the past two days. ‘Do unto others as you would have them do onto you’. I do not say this in a religious context. It simply explains life in any way you want to see it.

    Good post jaycee.

    • This is not what religion is.Christianity (as do the other monotheist religions) openly condemn those who do not adhere to their faith.
      Do know the tenets of the Nicene Creed? Are you aware of the standpoint of Fundamentalist Christians? Do you know there are over 20,000 different Christian sects (and counting), and each believe it is the one that will will be ‘saved’ when the man-god, Jesus supposedly returns and the rest will we consigned to eternal damnation and torturee in Hell?
      This is the all loving religion.
      A bit silly don’t you think? And this is taught to children.
      Oh, and for the record, Amen is not a Judeo/Christian word either. The etymology is a little more ‘heathen’ and goes gack to the Egyptians.

      • @Ark – lots of things in many faiths are based on pagan rituals and observations.
        I suppose it made it easier for them to recruit souls that way.
        Makes good business sense though, don’t you think?
        I do wonder if we don’t stop believing because we know so much about everything – sometimes the faith of a child is much preferable to the halters of adulthood…

      • “…sometimes the faith of a child is much preferable to the halters of adulthood…”
        A child’s blind acceptance is often regarded as cute. It is wonderful when they have no preconceptions about many things and set about a task in a fearless manner. This is fantastic. No understanding of failure.
        But when they return home from Sunday school espousing all the tripe about Adam and Eve, etc that is NOT good. It is lies that they are made to accept as truth …an d they DO because they are brought up to trust.
        How would you feel if your young child was told how wonderful cigarettes were?
        “Oh, but mum, they were giving them out at school.”
        And don’t say it wouldn’t happen.

    • Glad you liked it Tess – it seems to have riled Ark up.
      It had to be said though, and even though I hesitated posting it, I’m kind of glad I did.
      Just so others know how I feel about it, if nothing else.
      Hope your Monday’s going swimmingly 😉

      • Oh, I’ve known how you feel about this stuff from the word go. And it is your inalienable right to speak your mind. Through such dialogue do we reach understanding in the end. I just wish that believers would not immediately dismiss everything contrary to their beliefs without checking. I realise we are brought up to accept religion without question, but you wouldn’t accept the word of an insurance salesman without checking. Would you? I hope to goodness you wouldn’t!

      • @Ark – I accept nothing without research. Have before, got bitten in the arse, won’t again.
        Suffice it to say that I do have a rudimentary knowledge of other religions out there, scientific breakthroughs – I’ve read stuff. I’ve experienced stuff.
        I settled on my belief, even though it’s more spiritual than real religion as such.
        Because I choose to – not because I was forced into anything.
        And yes, I’d have a problem if dangerous things were being forced on my child – don’t quite see my religion, and how I choose to follow it, as dangerous though.
        As with everything, a balance is needed…

  5. I’m very religious, but I will not comment on relgion or politics except to make fun of politics. I don’t promote anything. I just delete the comments, pro or con. This is as close as I come, otherwise I would be writing to people who should be going to On and On meetings all day.

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