What do women want…

…the million dollar question.

Not one that I can really answer, even though I am a woman.

I can only speak for myself in this regard.

And I know blokes are going to ask, “But what about the men? What they want?”

And I’m going to say that I have no earthly idea what men want other than the certainty that sex would be involved one way or the other.

I don’t know if they want a chick to rub their feet, or clean the carburettor.

Don’t know if they want a high maintenance doll that spends more money on her hair and nails than a 3rd world country’s GDP.

Or if they want somebody that can buckle down with them, work on interesting projects together.

Because I sure as hell ain’t the type of chick that will cook and clean and be generally housewifey!


What do I want?

A man that I can look up to and respect.

Because he’s as kind to strangers and animals as he is to me.

A man that will not poke fun at me until I get so cross I can kill, and then laugh at my frustration.

Somebody that can laugh with me rather than at me.

 That will not laugh at me if I cry in a sad movie, or if I get all exited in an action movie.

That can be a shoulder for me to cry on, should I need it, but also a hand to hold when I’m scared.

That will not ridicule my lack of will to cook and clean – that will accept it as part of who I am, and find a way to work around it, instead of making an issue about it.

That will realise that I have baggage, the same as he does, and we should go gently with the baggage – because some of it will always hurt.

It’s not about what he can do or not, but I will be better able to look up to him if he can do more than I can.

Not because I’m in competition with him, but because I want to learn from my partner – and maybe even teach him a few things.

I’m at an age where the usual things don’t matter anymore.

I’ve done all those already.

Now, I want some-one that’s good for me. And only me.

Some-one I can be good for in turn…

Does that answer your question Ark?


And…just because I love it so…


Mr Nat King Cole.



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