All’s in readiness…

…for date night.


One of the most overrated names for a shag I’ve ever come across!

It gives you visions of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie doing what they do so well on screen.

Of Keanu Reeves kissing Sandra Bullock at the end of Lake House.



That’s not usually the case.

Mostly it’s over before it began.

Or the food is not as it should be.

Or your shaving caused a myriad of little burns.

That gets inflamed as the evening progresses.

Or his beard is so hard it gives you chinburn.

No matter how sexy a 5 o’clock shadow looks, it’s hell on sensitive facial skin!

Do you realise that after a beardburn on your chin, it peels like you have been sunburnt?

Not a very attractive sight or feeling.


No such thing as sitting in a kitchen feeding one another syrupy cherries and cream – for one, it’s too cold, and secondly, the cats will want some of the cream 😉

Bent over the dining room table?

Probably not such a good idea – the table in question is more than a 100 years old – must have respect for it’s advanced age and prolonged history!


Watching less than savoury movies in the lounge?

Without a working DVD player, probably slightly difficult.

Not to mention my eldest’s stuff that’s still ranged along one wall 😉

So, either watch it on the little, very little TV, I have with the built-in DVD player, or I have to move the laptop and all it’s fittings and attachments from the study to the lounge – not such a good idea methinks!!



I have candles, I have smooth music, even have alcohol – might be a good evening.

It might even be repeated – one just never knows.


As I said – all is in readiness…


Long days and pleasant nights to all.


9 comments on “All’s in readiness…

  1. To use the word ‘shag’ in any sentence and still hope for a smidgen of romance is pushing the boundary’s, methinks!
    Anyways, here’s hoping you get what you dream of. 😉

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