It has ended.

Very anti-climactically.


So, my last day at the current job.

Was kind of messy.

Just wanted the whole thing over with.

And then this one said, let’s have lunch first.

That one said, let’s go for a smoke first.

And then the kid starts his shit – although this is par for the course. Of course, threw a mighty tantrum because his sensibilities was not placed first by the person that just lives to adore and serve his every need.

Little bloody snot!

And now he’s on his way to heaven alone knows where and the effing phone is off!


Like that old saying goes – it’s only when you have teenagers that you know why some animals eat their young…


And so endeth the day.

So many hours spent laughing and learning.

So many people met and liked or disliked.

All just gone.

With nary a ripple.

Makes you aware of just how small your part is in actuality.


So, yes.

I am feeling sorry for myself.

I am feeling kind of disposable and replaceable.


Tomorrow though, is a completely different day.

I have a pizza on my table, a coke in the fridge and ice cream in the freezer.

I will prevail – one way or the other…


Long days and pleasant nights to all.



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