Go figure…

…it would happen to me.


Go on a date.

Had a good time.

Could communicate with the person, did not want to lose my supper when he held my hand, did not have to suppress a shudder of distaste when the inevitable goodbye hug and kiss happened.

No major fireworks, but still – I don’t suppose you get those very often.


Unfortunately, this morning, I had an issue with my phone.

Because of the cretins at the service provider.

Got that sorted out, and then the messages start coming thtough.

Turns out he started getting insecure because I did not immediately answer him.

I know the feeling, have had it myself before.


And now he’s changing his tactics.

Going to find himself.

Not going to be nice anymore and let people take advantage of him…


So yes.

I don’t take advantage of nice people – only arseholes. Because they deserve it.

And now, because of all the other females out there that has no compunction in using males for their own gain, I now have to pay the price!

Enough to make you vomit!


Don’t know how this is going to pan out.

Serves me right to get excited about anything!





10 comments on “Go figure…

  1. That’s a pity and I agree that sometimes the we have to suffer the consequences because of the harm other people have caused. Maybe a bit of gentle reassurance will help?

  2. Maybe it is for the better. If he is insecure like that, imagine how you will not be able to go anywhere alone when you are in a relationship with him 😯

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