What a day!!!

Thank heavens it’s done!


Well, the meet at the airport did not go quite according to plan…

Stood there, craning my neck, just watching for my aunt to come from the one side and through the doors – next minute she’s there – behind us!

Seems we totally missed her.

All’s well that ends well though, and she’s safely ensconced at my mom’s.

Bags unpacked, cool stuff from Thailand doled out to all and sundry, sweets eaten – yes indeed.

It’s all good.


Of course, on the way to the airport, me and sis had a bit of a spat – seem all’s not well in her mental world.

Of course, the fact that she drives worse than an old woman is supposedly besides the point!

Suffice it to say the trip was not too comfy.

And she bought coffee only for her and mom – not me!!

Oh well.

She’ll get over it.

As Mr King says – Everything’s eventual…


Up early this morning.

Got the washing done.

Sorted through some knitting patterns, got some nice tins and a gorgeous old bottle!

Ellenore Moore is keeping me company with glorious music, and my Wednesday evening date is chatting via whatsapp.


Think now would be a good time to just enjoy my cuppa Joe, my smoke and calm down for the day.

Time to become quiet.

To think about the things I still want to accomplish, to give my life some direction.

And to fall gently into Morpheus’ arms…


Long days and pleasant nights to all…


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