Just a thought…



You must have seen them.

The people at the Pick & pays, at Spar, sometimes in parking lots.

Trying to sell you stuff.

Trying to get you to taste a bit of sausage, or smell a new air freshener.

They always look kind of lost.

Scared to look people in the eye – because I don’t think people like to make eye contact with folks trying to sell you something you probably don’t want or don’t need.


I usually decline their offers.

Mostly because I, for the most part,  don’t have money to waste on frivolous things.


Tomorrow, however, my youngest will be standing at the Pic n Pay in The Reeds.

Trying to get people to buy a new Raid product.

He’s not getting paid much for all the abuse he’s likely to have to deal with.

I can only hope that his self confidence will outlast the day.

And not shrivel up and die under the heels of people that don’t really realise what it is to not be able to find a proper job, because of whatever reason.

People that don’t know, or have maybe forgotten, what it feels like to be young and full of ideas, your life ahead of you, and to see each and every dream falling off the wagon.


My plea to you – next time you’re in a shop, and you see one of these lost people.

Give them the time of day.

A minute of your time.

Be the lone voice of kindness in a see of unkindnesses.

Remember what it was like when you did not have a job.

Realise what a difference your kindness will make to somebody else…

It won’t cost you anything but time.

And that you get for free, every day.


16 comments on “Just a thought…

  1. I have great sympathy, but having been kind once bit me twice in the pocket – bought at a bargain price a flash drive – 8GIGS – the virus cost me a fortune at the PC shop to have removed. Pity bastards spoil it for the honest.

    • Yes well, you will always have those. And they do spoil it for the rest.
      But I’m talking fo those girls standing with the little bits of food, or the baby wipes.
      I hope my son will be OK tomorrow…

  2. I ALWAYS try the products they promote and I have found some real good stuff that I kept on buying in months to come.

    When I moved back from Gauteng in 1991, I was willing to do any work and for a while I sold scratch tickets in one of those booths in a passage in a Mall. It was a lesson in mankind 😈

    • People are cruel, I know.
      Mostly without even thinking about it.
      I, myself am only now realising how something like that would make me feel, how it does make me feel now that my own son is at the receiving end of it…

  3. My lad AD did this for a while – selling chocolate for Nestle – at Makro.
    He was hired on a daily basis but turned out to be so good at flogging the stuff he’d usually ran out of stock by lunchtime!
    Good grounding for his own business, that’s for sure.

      • He will if he puts a smile on his face.
        Depends what he’s selling too, of course.
        Might be tough if its sanitary ware or something! 🙂

  4. I am very guilty of being rude to people who try and sell me something. The problem is they are very tenacious and if you lend them an ear it is impossible to get the message through that you do not want to buy anything.

  5. I came here through Sideview’s weekend theme, but I read this post first. I hope your son does well today, it’s great to see young people venturing out bravely into the world of work.
    Hopefully his youthfulness will protect him from the worst of the rudeness.

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