Traffic in Africa…

…is not for sissies!



Tomorrow is a public holiday.

Makes no difference what is celebrated, just that I don’t have to get up for work.

Decided to leave a bit earlier today, thought the road might not be too full.

Apparently I was mistaken!

Very much so!

Highway was looking horrendous – 5 lanes of cars not moving.

So, I decided to take the back roads.

Maybe not such a good idea.

More taxi’s on the back roads than the highway you see.


And I noticed yet again their flagrant disregard for both the other road users or the rules of the road.

Ah, a woman – she’ll be scared and let me get in ahead of her.

Think again dude.

Not this particular chick.

I don’t care how many people you have in your van – if it’s at all possible, you will not cut in front of me.


They’re sometimes worse – because they seem to be oblivious to what’s going on around them.



You belong in the left hand lane!!


And then the transport minister wants to keep kids from getting their full license for 3 years after they wrote the initial test.


Dude – the problem is not the new kids learning how to drive.

It’s the current lot of idiots on the roads that’s the problem!

Maybe try and stop the blue light brigades from driving the way they do, and you might get the rest of the travelling public to also follow the rules of the road.


Then again, since lawlessness is at the order of the day, I don’t suppose that’s going to happen anytime soon!

Dude that works with me said something the other day that was actually quite scary.

He does not get upset at the taxi’s anymore.

He does not hoot or anything.

Which would mean that we have accepted their way of driving and are moving around them.


If everybody just leaves them to do whatever they want – how long before total anarchy?

Because it starts small.

And just gets bigger and bigger.

And before you know it we’ve let the unruly mob take over every aspect of life as we know it…

Not something I’m quite comfortable with…


Do hope your human rights will be acknowlegded tomorrow by all and sundry – have a good one!!


8 comments on “Traffic in Africa…

  1. My human rights should be to travel on the road meeting the same courtesy and regard for the rules which I offer, and to live without having to plan how to deal death and destruction to anyone coming onto my turf to commit mischief.
    I am amazed at a friend who has just returned from UK and is grateful to get back to Gauteng driving. He must be nuts. He complains about narrow roads and cars parked on either side of them. Only a pleasure, say I. If the gap is too small, people politely wait for you.

  2. I’m thinking your buddy got used to the lawlessness – can’ drive like that in Europe.
    People still expect manners on the road, and that’s something Saffers have long ago forgone!!
    as for your human rights – I think they only go for people that don’t have houses and running water and stuff – seems the minute you have what others want your human rights fall by the wayside…

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