I wonder…

…how dreams die?


Is with a slash and a bloodcurdling scream?

Or a well placed quick jerk, ending all life?

Does it happen quickly?


It does not.

Dreams die gradually.

They die a little every time your trust is abused.

Every time you see evil, your dreams die.

A little at a time.


First the small things – like owning a fire place, or a dog that plays fetch.

Then the big things – travelling, white picket fences, a happy, successful life.


I wonder when we realise that our dreams are dying?

When is the moment that you realise that having a dream, while good, will likely amount to nothing?


I wonder how do you stop the process?

How do you keep evil from destroying your dreams?

Can you?


Dreams dyoing has been in my mind since this morning.

It had to be written.

And now it has.

Long days and pleasant nights to all…


8 comments on “I wonder…

  1. The day we realize we do not have enough time left on this earth for some of our dreams to come true, that is a VERY sad day 😦

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