the long road…



I was quite astonished the other day when I saw somebody wanting to get into the stream of cars on the highway onramp.

In the days gone by, if you were in the wrong, you did not halt traffic because of your stupidity.

You waited until the coast was clear and then corrected the mistake.

I still drive like that. Not everybody else’s fault if I drive like a tit!

Such a shame that most of the other road users seems to think that they have right of way – granted, stupid people should be treated differently, because they’re stupid!


And then.

Our dear women drivers.

Big, fat cars.

Lots of horses under the bonnet.

Apparently that only means that they might not actually be able to see over the steering wheel, and as such, would have to crawl over the highway at 70km’s per hour!

Or let every effing taxi in front of them. Because they’re scared.

Get your bloody husband to drive you around! Although, they’re just as bad these days!

Fact that I was almost taken out by a bus today is completely besides the point!

Which brings me to the following…

If the stupid government behaved like upstanding citizens, instead of like the criminals they are, we might have a public transport system that’s not ruled by thugs.

So I won’t have to sit in the traffic every day.

The chances of me getting into a taxi or a public bus is basically zero.

Can’t use the Gautrain – never know when some stupid person will take exeption to the other mode of transport and start a random shooting match.

I mean really!!

There are millions of people.

And millions of taxi’s.

More than enough to go around!

But no.

They have to fight about all these stupid things.

And I have to put up with the crap.


Think I need to move.

To Alaska!

Never have to worry about road users there – just bears

And possibly seals 😉




6 comments on “the long road…

  1. The roads are getting worse and worse, and yes, I’ve notice that there are some drivers with the most fabulous cars on earth, but dont have a cooking clue on how to drive them.
    Grrrr 🙂
    Have a nice day ghiatjie.

  2. Our population is growing, more houses are built, more children go to school, more people go to work and still only the same roads to get to the same destination. SA will have to seriously do something to the public transport system, and I am getting myself a scooter! Less stres and less petrol!

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