…on the way!


Well, the drive to the interview was, to say the least, slightly convoluted.

Up Rivonia, down Sandton, across to William Nichol.

The spot I went to was not too far from the English’s spot in Craighall park.

Remember him?

The one that thought I was way to right winged for him?



Nice office block, very nice interior – wooden floors and the like.


I completely ignored the butterflies in my stomach and read my e book while I was waiting for the interviewer πŸ˜‰

Very pleasant woman – I do think she kind of liked me.

Which will pave the way for when I have to see the actual company’s HR folk.

My outfit looked good – think the pearls was the deciding factor there πŸ˜‰


I think it went well.

I feel kind of relaxed now about the whole thing.

I’m certain that G-d won’t let something happen that should not.

Time will tell.

And I will keep up the positive re-enforcement


Thanks for all the well wishes and good lucks and good vibes.

I do think it made an actual difference…



9 comments on “Update…

  1. Lovely positive attitude. I am sure you made it. Oh, btw enjoy my fight with the verkramptes on Facebook – I can’t believe tere are still idiots like that around. Everthing under Facebook blogger Henk van de Graaf

    • Can’t see Mr van de Graaf’s FB – he’s too geheimsinnig.
      Can’t see the fight on your wall either – you have that stupid timeline thing happening!!
      As for the vote of confidence – thanks H.
      It means a lot to me!

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