The ball…

…is rolling!


Got a phone call just now.

And the results of the phone call?

An interview…

At 14:00 tomorrow afternoon.


Now I must plan the outfit, because, even if it’s only at an agency, I will have to make some kind of impression on these people.

I cannot dress too sexy – being interviewed by a woman.

Probably pants, heels, and a normal shirt – have like a greeny turquoisy loose blouse.

Maybe the pearls.

Think that should do the trick.


And I have to get a photo to add to the updated CV and the tipslip and the ID.


Let me not be flippant about this.

It is important for me to make a decent impression on these people – look like a normal woman, in the prime of her life, done with all the things of a child, including the drama and upheavals of youth.


I will be Mrs Positivity tomorrow.

Get everything ready.

And go knock ’em dead!!!


22 comments on “The ball…

    • Thanks Nos!!
      Everytime I write NOS, I think back to my younger years – when all the laaities had nitrous oxide gas in their cars, and the NOS sign on ther front windows 😉
      Ah, memories 😉

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