The tango.

Dance of love…


I’ve always had an affinity for the tango.

Danced the way it should be danced, it is the most taxing dance, but also the most exhillirating.

Two bodies moving as one.

Full body contact.

Pushing with the body as opposed to with the hands or arms.


Tango music lends itself to dreams.

Thoughts of street dances, black and white movies, Long evening dresses accompanied by long, white gloves and diamond jewelery.


Suffice it to say, I like the tango 😉

And tonight they played the tango from Scent of a Woman.

Had me dancing around my dining room table!!


Just hear the harmonies, see the bodies move…


Astor Piazolla




14 comments on “The tango.

  1. Sorry to be the one who differs here. I spent quite a few years doing ballroom and latin American dancing and I must say that the tango is my least favourite dance of them all. Its just too jerky and not as rhythmic as the others…romantic – I’ll have a slow waltz any day and for a bit more waltz, a Viennese waltz will do just fine. Anyway ghiatjie, was that around the dining room table or on it? 🙂

    • It was around the table 😉
      As for the Tango – I also did ballroom dancing – everything, from the Waltz and Foxtrot to the mambo and rumba.
      Loved all of them, still do them on occasion.
      But the one that grabbed my fancy was the tango. Done with the right partner?
      The best thing ever!!!

      • Piazola’s tango style is quite different from many other exponents of this genre. In fact, he was once considered quite radical in his method of composing.
        You should read about him on Wiki. Fascinating.
        The instrument is called a Bandoneon, btw. –
        I enjoy tango music played on the guitar as well.
        Victor Villadangos is a master.
        You would love him, I’m sure!
        Try this youtube.
        This was filmed at the house of a pupil – Paul- of my old guitar tutor, who had arranged with the Argentinian Embassy to bring him to SA. for two one gig at the Pretoria University.
        This was a private concert.
        Emily and I were in the audience of 20!.

    • The Libertango is one of my favs 😉
      You guys were indeed very priviledged to see a master like that!!
      And you’re right – I did love the guitarplaying 😉

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