Strange brew…



Good mixed with bad.

Funny with sad.

Elation with despondence.


Went fishing this morning.

Or rather, went with people who fish to Klein Paradys – a spot just to the side of Brits.

I don’t fish – prefer to do my drinking at home in the comfort of a deep chair!

My buddy does though.

So, up I got at 5am, showered, left home at 6am.

Got the the fishing spot at 8.

Sat and enjoyed the sunshine, the laughter, the restfullness of water and very tame ducks.

Took pictures of the 3 fish that was caught.




Had to tell my domestic goddess that I can’t afford her anymore.

Had to tell her that I lost my job and as such could only afford for her to work for me for March. What happens after that is entirely in G-d’s hands.

Let the garden dude go outright.

He has not pitched up for work for the last 2 saturdays in any case, so I’m thinking he does not really want to work.

Or that he’s got some kind of illness that he does not tell me about.

Either way – if I’m going to have to do the work myself, better for him to just do what he wants.

I cried when I told Pinky about this.

I do wonder if anybody at my current company has even lost a night’s sleep over letting all of us go – probably not.

Oh well.

Be it on their heads.


Gave a lift to 2 of those window washer dudes on the way back from the fishing spot.

Just because we could.

Watched little kids get all exited about the fish they caught.

Catch and release, so they go back in the water with just a little blood, and not much the worse for wear.


Saw a woman wearing shorts with probably the worst case of cellulite I have seen in a long time.

The legs, not the shorts.

And she has a dude hanging around her!

So, there might be hope for me after all.

Then again, I might not have serious hail damage in the thigh region, but I’m likely so much more filled with crap than the average woman…


Oh well.

I still have my health, my home, my kids.

And even there’s nobody online this afternoon, I’m going on the assumption that everybody but me has a life, and wish you well 😉




6 comments on “Strange brew…

  1. And it looks like the boertjies van die pienk dorp deur die boere van die Cheetahs op hulle moer gaan kry. Be greatful for good health as money cannot buy it.

    • Is jy nou ernstig?
      Wen die Cheetahs?
      sal maar moet sien as hulle Loftus toe kom…
      You’re right – no money can give me what I already have…

    • Thanks AD.
      I’m sure things will happen as they should.
      It’s just a tad easier handling that saying when your immediate worry is not money 😉
      But I’m sure hope is still there, somewhere…

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