I’ve been…

…angry today.


Got the letter of non-extension for my contract.

Started to try and get the forms ready to claim UIF.

Apparently the HR people I spoke to today will need yet another reminder tomorrow.

And the day after that, and the day after that.

People seems to be getting less competent as time goes by.

Then again, they still have jobs because nobody dares fire them!!

Why would they worry about my little problem?

It’s not theirs!


Reason I’ve been angry is because my poor son is yet again without a job.

They will have him know that in the 3 weeks he’s worked there he did not learn anything, and as such, they don’t think he will be able to do the job.

Who learns everything in 3 weeks?

How is it possbile for any human being to know the ins and outs of the job within a month?


The real reason he lost the job was because he acted like I do so often.

Spoke without thinking.

And in this case, the boss did not like what he said.

Doubt that he said it to the boss, most likely to another employee, which in turn, just could not wait to go and tattle.

Because, apparently, that’s what you do in Pretoria.

You cover your arse with somebody else’s hide.

I remember when I had that month of utter hell before I was fired.

I likened the boss to a seagull – comes in, flies around, craps on everything and then fucks off again.

Also not to the boss’s face, but to an employee that I thought could just possibly appreciate the joke.

Apparenlty not quite.



That was not what was said on the letter of dismissal.


In there his ability as a person was attacked.

His ability to do the job.

And that’s to me, not right.


If you don’t like me, fine.

I don’t care if you like me.

If you never want me to speak again, I won’t.

But don’t tell me Im useless just because you don’t like my face.


Then again.

That’s how cowards operate.

They can never speak their minds, or have an opinion of their own.

They will use your opinion and turn it against you when it does not suit them anymore.

I don’t know how my son will handle this.

I’m still struggling with it a year after the fact.


So yes.

From the end of this month I will be without a job.

From today, my son is without a job.

Both of us because we talk before we think.


Please tell me – why on earth do I need people?


21 comments on “I’ve been…

  1. You know, I’ve heard time and again lately of the utterly incompetent taking employers to the cleaners for ‘unfair dismissal’. Perhaps that is the route he should go. Was the proper warning sequence followed? Can they cite chapter and verse of what he should have learnt and hasn’t, and how he was given opportunities to learn it? They can’t get away with generalities. Unless they can come up with specifics they are like a Xmas turkey.

    • Well, we’ll see.
      Since there’s a lawyer in the family now anything can happen.
      We’ll read through the letters and contracts again this weekend – see if aything can happen.
      Me, I just want this to end.
      Want him to find something he can do, that would help him with a sense of self worth.
      I feel so sorry for my poor boy, and I can’t do a single thing to help him…

    • The hard way – not the best way, apparently the only way!
      I also agree with Newsy – which is why I’ve been keeping very quiet lately…

  2. Best keep a low profile, especially when you’re new to the job. Sorry about your son losing his job though. Seems like you’re both going to have to weather the storm now. Hugs xx

  3. I really feel for you both, because although I’ve never lost a job due to “talking”, I’ve certainly been side-lined and chastised for doing so. I also learnt late in life that it is best to keep the old trap shut and go with the flow, take my cheque and smile through gritted teeth. Best of luck to you both ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. beijng careful what you say is important in any relationship.

    it is also hard to keep staff motivated when one of them makes disparaging remarks, so i’d also ease out someone who obviously didn’t really want to be there.

    is your updated cv on all the job hunting web sites? you have to reas them daily and reply to anything with a more than 60% fit.

    good luck to you both.

    • Just as difficult to keep staff motivated when it’s the boss making mistakes that the staff has to correct – but hey.
      Bosses can do no wrong in today’s job market.
      CV is updated and everywhere.
      Thanks sidey.

  5. i’ve been on the other soide of the wall, and discovered that if you don’t eliminate the rotten apples the whole barrel is off very soon. your son may not have been the first, but he was probably the example

    • I totally agree with that.
      I will stop before I call my son a rotten apple though – if the boss is not good, it will filter down to the staff.
      And no matter of firings will ensure a relatively happy workplace…

  6. It is indeed time for the revolution,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,dictators surround themselves with yesmen (yeswomen)………………corporations are ruled by dictators…………………
    Which i dont understand as it must be really boring and lonely only being told what you want to hear by a ass kisser…………..id much rather be surrounded by people that tell me the truth….at least you can trust such peoples opinion………..but still i refuze to bow my mentality to the collective,corporized non thought………..then they all wonder why the world is bankrupt………….pretty little neros trying to shove a fancy sounding bunch of sales and marketing crap down everyones throat…………….I DONT BELIEVE IT……………the american dream is actually the corporate nightmare…………….rather store your fortune in non worldly places………………..

      • yeah gotta have someone to hate i suppose…………….but moving under the radar is the way to go………….you can think and say as you wish anytime if you just say it politly………and besides NOT BELIEVING relegates most issues to being unimportant and not worth voicing an opinion on in anycase…………………………

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