Is it just me…

…or does it seem that the Government is using petrol as an easy source of revenue?


Heard on the radio this morning that the petrol price is likely to increase by about 75c by April.

Because of the usual monthly increase, as well as an increase on taxes levied on it.


How much of that money actually goes to the manufacturers and the sellers?

And how much on tax?


Since there are a few ways to claim back tax on your earnings, and you can save on tax by just buying exempt goods at the store, petrol seems to be the one thing that everybody HAS to use.

Even if you use public transport, you still pay for the petrol.

Even if you buy the exempt goods, you are paying for the petrol it cost to get it from the manufacturer to the re-seller.


In other words, you pay for petrol, regardless of if you have a car or not.


Because petrol makes the world go round.

In more ways than one.


Up goes the price of everything.

Up goes the inflation rate.

Down goes spending, and many small businesses must, yet again, close their doors.


Yet, we don’t see the benefits of the increased petrol price.

You can’t claim from RAF.

You can’t drive on the roads, or if you do, you run the real risk of damage to your car, because potholes aren’t being fixed, robots will work one day, not the next day.



If not for the Outsurance guys, Jhb’s roads would be dumped in chaos!


And even some of the new roads that was built already has damage to them.

Not to mention the fact that the engineers that designed it had their heads up their arses while drawing the plans!

I have never seen such a poor system than the new Allandale and Rivonia on and offramps.

A right mess!



You pay for everything.

Through your nose.


Was thinking this morning, in SA we have a 1st world budget, with 1st world ideas, being run by a 3rd world mentality and culture.


Doubt that much good will come off this.


13 comments on “Is it just me…

    • That is such a biiter pill H!!!
      They’re pricing everything out of the market – how do we survive on normal salaries?
      Do they even think of the impact all this transport increases has on everything?

  1. I did a blog on fuel levies some time ago but in a nutshell – The levies on fuel were originally raised by the Nationlist Party (remember them?) to pay for upgrading the roads in SA. What then happened is that the funds were paid into a account that any government department could dip into if they were running short of funds. As long as there was enough left over to fix a few roads nobody complained. This continues until now.
    The excuse of improper control is that it would be too labour intensive to see that the funds are used for only road repairs. So now if the government needs more money (without having it go through the budget where everybody can see how it is spent) all they do is increase the levy and billions flow right into their pockets.
    Garage owners dont make a cent from the increased levies and the amount of profit per litre is very small. This is why petrol pump attendants are badly paid.

    • Is this for real Paul?
      In other words, they’re getting many more millions that can be used to create jobs or stupid shit like that, and it’s basically wasted?
      Why does the DA not do something about this?
      Why does nobody do or say anything about this?
      Or is it a question of farting in a hurricane – with as much chance of the smell hitting your nose as for the Govermnment of the day playing by the rules they themselves set up!!!

      • Not bad mouthing the DA or anything like that, but what have they done to sort out waste and corruption in this country? When did you hear of them taking anybody to court for wasting our money?
        My personal opinion is that they are happy for us to focus on crime, power sharing, constitutional court etc because it keeps us from focussing on things such as the road levy on fuel. The other part of the levy is for the accident fund and that as we know is bankrupt.

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