So. There I was…

…at the dentist.


Never a good way to start any day, let alone a Monday!

And after the weekend I had…

I mean, what with the death on the one day, and a rondom telling me what I’m doing wrong on the other.

Add to that some kind of spasm in my left ventricle, ok, just my shoulder, but it feels bad.

On top of which, I still don’t have any other job prospects.

And then you throw into the mix one of those gentle, kind, sympathetic people…



I bawled.

Sure she hurt me – never fun to have people digging around in your nerves, but really!


That’s just silly!!!


Now I have to wonder.

Would I still have bawled if she was not so very caring?

Or would I have braved it – stared right in the face of pain and handled it stoically, as I do everything else?


So sure.

Sympathy is always a good thing.

Nice to have somebody that seemingly gives a crap.

On the other hand though – sometimes less sympathy is needed to get things done – otherwise you’ll be mired in the whole empaty thing and nothing will get done.


Suffice it to say that I will visit this particular dentist again.

I’ll take my sympathy where I can get it 😉



What a way to start the day.

Big, strong, capable, fighting fit Ghia.

Crying at the drop of a hat.

Or the sticking in of the pin 😉


7 comments on “So. There I was…

  1. Allow yourself to show your emotions. It’s always nicest to share the tears or frustrations because it makes you feel as if the load has been lightened

    • I’m very stoic in that regard Esperanza.
      I don’t have to go to the gynae nearly as often as I have to go to the dentist – usually I take them both in my stride.
      I think today was just a bit of an overload…

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