On ponds…



I’ve had a hole in the ground since December 2009.

Spent lots of money on PVC and cement and wire and chickenwire.

The last lot was 6 bags of plastercement and 4 bags of concrete – all readymix.

This weekend it was all used to build my pond!

Had the help of 4 strong young men, one who thankfuly, knew how to build 😉

And it’s done!

The pond has been levelled, and built up and plastered and decorated.

Of course, rain is threatening.

Just to remind me that I should NEVER be too exited about anything.

Because the Universe WILL show me who’s really boss.


The biggest job is done.

If the rain washes the plastering away, I’ll just put on more.

 The plan is to grout the little pebbles on the edge next week, as well as paint it with waterproofing.

Then the water can come in.

And I can sit back and listen to the frog choir.


Wishing everybody a splendid Saturday!


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