Job hunting…



Is probably the most depressing pastime in Creation!

Especially if it seems that the only non AA/EE jobs are for major DBA’s or directors or accountants.

Are the normal, middle class whities not allowed to work anymore?


Looks like I’ll have to keep the pills ready…


4 comments on “Job hunting…

    • I searched for non AA/EE office support jobs on Careerjunction.
      2 came up. Only 2.
      I don’t know how this can be fair.
      I’ll just have to trust in something other than myself…

  1. Colour over competence is the name of the game these days. Pay three salaries, and get the job of one done – badly.
    This means either starting an own-show, or leaving the country, as the options.

    • It’s scaring me Col.
      If I don’t find something, everything I’ve worked for for the past 11 years will go to dust…
      and I can’t let that happen!

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